View Full Version : Which of the DLC's did you enjoy?

17th Oct 2016, 10:04
Please see other thread as should have been multi-choice poll.

17th Oct 2016, 11:14
I went with Baba Yaga

(This should have been multiple choice)

17th Oct 2016, 11:22
It was supposed to be multi-choice but I messed up. I re-posted in a fresh thread.

9th Nov 2016, 13:25
I have to say I enjoyed the extra outfits (season pass choices) the most.My favourites are sparrowhawk,apex predator,huntress and many of all the other ones.I find them very pleasing, very, very exciting and they are so fun to look at.They are the best dlc outfits I have ever seen in a tomb raider game.I loved the dlc outfits of the reboot game just the same as well.

8th Dec 2016, 22:54
Baba Yaga with out a doubt!