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11th Jul 2002, 14:21
:mad: Ok, is it me? Have I not played far enough in the game? Or what?

Ok, it just seems that in SR2 we have less choice as to what direction to go into and less things to explore. This is just my observation, thus far. I haven't gotten too far along in the game, I just made it back to the old one's temple, after being sent 500 years into the future by mobius. (what an annoyance.)

It just seems that in the original SR1 game that you could leave a section and explore other things. Mind you, you had to get the right gifts first, but even those puzzles you could leave and come back to at a later time or if you got bored or stumped.

But, in SR2 it seems that they only want you to follow one path to get to the end...with no selection as to how you want to go about doing it.

Does this seem correct, or does it get better at all. It just runs too much like some of the older computer games....

Any thoughts to help this young fledgling?:confused:

11th Jul 2002, 14:26
yeah this is pretty much it. no secret things, no glyphs, optional things, nothing. too bad eh? i think this is because Eidos, with their DEADlines (more like killer release dates) decided to publish the game while it wasn`t even done yet. SR2 was supposed to be about twice as large as it is

11th Jul 2002, 14:40
Well, that's a real shame.....I mean the game looks great and the graphics are pretty ok, but I sure miss the freedom that the original game gave you. Not to mention extra's.

Hopefully for the next game they will listen to us gamers and add the good stuff. Not to say that this current version isn't good...it's just laking a few things.

Ho hum.....I guess I will just finish the game and then move on to other things...any suggestions? I am a SR1 fanatic...and was so ready to get the new game, I have also played Blood omen 2 and that is alright...I haven't purchased the actual game yet...just rented it a few times. Any other good games you can recommend for the PS2.

And thanks....BTW for all the input!:D ;)

11th Jul 2002, 15:31

well CD listens. Eidos does not.

other games worth a try if you like storylines:

Homeworld (RTS with story) (PC)
Deus Ex
the Baldur`s Gate games

(i`m not really into consoles (PC only)so i don`t know what`s on there.)

just trying to help

11th Jul 2002, 16:37
And a great help you have been.....!! Thank you, you have unstuck me twice now! :D

I am not sure if you ever heard of the show "Farscape." But, the computer game will be out sometime in the next few months and it promises to be pretty good.

I will probably pick it up for the PC. I use either my PC or the PS2. I have many talents. ;-)


12th Jul 2002, 17:45
glad i could help you out

Iron Head
12th Jul 2002, 19:47
Originally posted by jerbear
after being sent 500 years into the future by mobius.

I think you mean 100.