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11th Jul 2002, 06:32
Wow, I don't think I've ever seen this: there's nobody else here...

11th Jul 2002, 06:52
Yes, there is!!

11th Jul 2002, 06:53
hi Rook!! :D

11th Jul 2002, 06:56
Hiya there! I'm forum gazing again tonight.:rolleyes: :D

11th Jul 2002, 11:15
You know.... not all of us like to be seen.
*resumes hiding in shadows*

11th Jul 2002, 18:08
why don't you like being seen willow. Do you have something to hide?


11th Jul 2002, 21:52
*appears from out of nowhere*

Willow just doesn`t like to be seen

*disappears again*

11th Jul 2002, 22:19
Huhhh, another hursego cool :)

**shakes Willows hand and then fades out**

12th Jul 2002, 03:48
Originally posted by chuffy
why don't you like being seen willow. Do you have something to hide?

I've become reclusive in my old age..... of 21...

12th Jul 2002, 04:48
Work, chasing girls, writing, and re-conditioning an old NES system have kept me from the boards... Seems that second option there hasn't worked out so well though... *chuckles*


Umah Bloodomen
12th Jul 2002, 06:03
I hide when I am busy doing other things (namely web designing...lol) other than that, you can find me lurking around here and there. :p

12th Jul 2002, 06:37
Hmmm... those are all good excuses, Rio - especially the second one... :p

12th Jul 2002, 06:57
Originally posted by darien_specter
Hmmm... those are all good excuses, Rio - especially the second one... :p

Indeed... and here's the unbelievable part... I may not have to be chasing too much longer... I went to see the PowerPuff Girls on Thursday night, and the girl I bought my ticket from freaked out because she's a big cartoon person too... I think I'm the only 20 year old male she's ever met that's as into cartoons as she is... And surprisingly enough, she's 19... I thought most people lost interest in those things around 12 or so... But yeah, we talked, mostly about Cartoon Network and their various and sundry cartoon cartoons... And then right as I was about to go into my movie, she asks me for my AIM handle, because she wants to talk more, because apparently I'm "super cool" and she "likes me SOOOO much" because I'm a PPG supporter... Those were HER words...

I'm thinking this one's going to bite me though. Nothing this perfect EVER happens to Rio... Something will go wrong. Either she'll never contact me, she's got a boyfriend, or she's really a man that just happens to look like a very attractive, slender young lady of about 5'9"... There are worse things, but I think that part about secretly being a man would be way too much for me to handle... *shudders* But, we'll see how it turns out, yes?

Anyhow, bed calls to me, as I must get up and paint the garage door and the front door to the house tomorrow... I really don't think the front door needs it, as it looks really nice, but then, Dad's paying me a heck of a lot to do it, so I'm not going to argue...

Night, folks.


12th Jul 2002, 07:58
Rock on, Rio! Good luck... and keep us posted. You are now the standard bearer for all of us who have seen womanly perfection snatched away in inane fashion...

(gee I'm not bitter or anything am I? :p)

12th Jul 2002, 08:22
Cheer up, Darien! Things can only get better (Oooohh, don't you just hate it when people say stuff like that?!)

Go for it, Rio!


12th Jul 2002, 12:01
LoL if you need girl watching cartoons come to norway hehe they love watching that stuff. i like anime bether right azuriel GUNDAM WING RULZ

12th Jul 2002, 17:10
Darien, no worries, you`re not alone :)

Zleepy, right on!

Rio, tell us aaaaaalll the details :D :D

12th Jul 2002, 20:16
:D Don't worry, Rook, I'm more of that -happy-go-lucky to-hell-with-morons sort of delightful angry. (Made all kinds of sense, didn't it?) Think of the show Becker on American CBS, with Ted Dansen, and you'll get the picture... though I'm not quite as bad as all that... :p

Besides, when things get rough, I've got my Counting Crows... :D:D:D: