View Full Version : No french subtitles

16th Oct 2016, 15:28

I just bought the game since it was mentioned at the back, french subtitles. When I play the game, there is no possibility to change this.
I bought it for the kids since I thought it was in french.

Is there an option coming? How can I change this.

I pay full price for a game and I expect to receive what it is mentioned in the back...

Thanks for the help.

18th Oct 2016, 12:53
Try changing your console settings to french, the game is in Multi-5 (at least in Europe).

18th Oct 2016, 13:10

Thanks but my console is already in French. I will see if there is other settings in the config...

18th Oct 2016, 16:51
Finally, thanks slime_fan. I did try to change French (France) instead of French (Canada) and this is working fine. The game start in french.

But honestly, I cannot understand how developer can do such thing... so dummy.
I will keep my PS4 as French (France) just in case this situation occurs in other game.

Dumb question like that. Can we start a game on a specific config? like english (us), french(france), etc...?


18th Oct 2016, 18:26
Glad it worked :D

Im not sure, the only way i know to change this game's language is changing the console's language. Its strange but many games do this... the stranger part is it wasn't in French with French (Canada) but was with French (France) :/