View Full Version : No Classic Outfits? (PS4)

15th Oct 2016, 11:51
I unlocked the 20th anniversary crate in the gift tab at the in game store and got my 100k credits but no cards. I have yet to beat the game but shouldn't I still get the cards but have to wait to use them until the game is complete?

What am I missing?

15th Oct 2016, 12:47
I think you have to beat the game first. I remember reading that and thinking "well, that's a bummer".

15th Oct 2016, 16:31
Nope, you only have to beat the game for the outfits in free-roam. Not getting the cards with the pack is a glitch that many have had on PC and PS4, including myself - even after having the game beaten, I can't use the cards in expeditions (Although they show up in free-roam)

25th Oct 2016, 20:39
I too would like an answer for this. I got all 10+ DLC card packs (including the 20 Year Celebration) by simply launching the game on my PS4, but my co-op partner claims he had absolutely no gifts other than the 100k credit. This made Endurance slightly more challenging than it should as only I could pick up Endurance specific cards.

There were issues with the PC card packs not being properly gifted but there was a workaround - I'm not entirely sure if this can be done on the PS4 version. Cards and credits are all stored on SQEX servers, so maybe what could be done is making a backup copy of the savegame on the cloud or a USB drive, deleting it, launching the game and starting a new game. You don't even need to go far, just quit to the main menu once the "friends scores" loads up and check if the marketplace/shop has anything for you. If so, open the packs, then quit the game and restore your save.

Again - this works on PC (did it twice, first for Cold Darkness Awakened Pack, then recently for the 20YC Pack), as I didn't experience this myself on the PS4 I'm not sure if it would work. (There's always the chance it could make things worse, too, so keep that in mind, please.)