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11th Jul 2002, 03:13
Hmmm... we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties at the Lost Worlds...

11th Jul 2002, 04:14
Yeah, it looks like the whole university is down. Weird. It *is* on top of a mountain, maybe they lost power or something.

11th Jul 2002, 06:26

11th Jul 2002, 07:10
Well, it's back up now, whatever was going on. As I've said before, it's not really in my budget now to pay for professional hosting, so some hiccoughs are to be expected. The server that my site sits on is a P2/400/64MB RAM/RedHat Linux machine I built for the student newspaper at the university I went to in Canada. It's sitting on my old desk (unless it got moved for some reason...) plugged into a 10baseT wall jack like any other workstation there. No UPS, no redundacy. Hosted by Exodus it is not =).