View Full Version : cannot tell Monty about newly-tamed Special monsters in Dragon Quest VII

14th Oct 2016, 18:11
Details: after taming all of the non-Special monsters in DRAGON QUEST VII and being awarded Wiggles's whatsit, I am no longer able to tell Monty about any newly-tamed Special monsters from Traveler's Tablets from online distributions. as a result: I cannot interact with them in Monster Meadows or involve them with finding Traveler's Tablets.
(from what I could only guess, the game checks for "completion" before checking for queued newly-tamed monsters)

1. Get Wiggles's whatsit for taming every monster not in the Special section of the Big Book of Beasts
2. Tame a monster from the Special section of the Big Book of Beasts that hasn't already been tamed, examples being Freezing Fog or Dirty Dogu
3. Talk to Monty at Monster Meadows

Date & Time: Oct. 13, at around 13:00 EST

Frequency: Always

Platform: 3DS