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14th Oct 2016, 01:25
So, here i am, first time poster on these Forums.
I took the leap and bought the game about 3 hours ago and i have a couple of observations i would like to share.

1: forced blur without option to turn it off.
Why?, what is the reason behind this?.
The fact is that i just spent 55€ on a game that gives me a severe headache almost instantly and i know i am not alone.
I despise motion blur and i allways turn it off...
Most modern games give you the option to turn this off, even on console.

2: texture popin... I noticed straight away that "grass" among other things constantly pops into view with in a few feet.
Will this be fixed?

3: the control.
Stiff is a word that comes to mind when describing it.
So... No option for camera speed?
Overused acceleration?
A deadzone forcing me to move the right stick ALL the way to any side to even get the camera moving?.
Very noticeable input lag.
Seriously, how do you manage to fail with something as basic as the controls?, especially considering the fact that the controls were damn near perfect in the 2013 TR game.
This control issue pretty much makes precision aiming impossible and i would definitely call that gamebreaking.
Is this something we can expect a solution for soon or will it just be swept under the rug again like it was for the xbox users?

P.s. a tip.
Pick up a copy of uncharted 4 and take a look at their option menu and how they allow you to change the settings for the controls.
It is fantastic.
Play the game for a bit after finding the settings you like and then instantly switch game and try playing rottr again and then come and tell me the controls feel fine.
I dare you.

P.p.s I DO like the game a lot.
But it does not feel good finding such obvious flaws this early in the game (all within 20 or so minutes).
I want this fixed so that i can enjoy the game as it is supposed to be enjoyed.


EDIT: so what is happening?, i see a lot of threads concerning the controls but not one single answer?, can we expect a bloody fix or what?.
Some of us cannot play the game we paid for because of this crap.
Get your heads out of wherever you're keeping it and fix the issue damn it...

19th Oct 2016, 23:58
Shameless bump.

21st Oct 2016, 00:56
All new games have bugs, even if they check every nook and cranny something always comes up. Since this is SE's forum I'm sure they are aware. They may be working on it and we'll have a maintenance soon. You just need patience. I personally haven't experienced any bugs so I can't relate to your issue. Also, there are people who only come to the forum every once in a while and they may not see your thread. I'm sure you can contact someone from SE and get a one on one answer, at least they can let you know if they're aware of the issue and they working on it, or they can relay it to someone on their team who can work on it.

I understand your frustration, but your thread came on as aggressive and you may get an answer. Or, you can't expect one right away. I do hope your concerns are taken care of in any case.