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13th Oct 2016, 06:39
- Game freezes and I have to manually close it. This has happened maybe 3 or 4 times in the two days I have had the game.

- I had an issue where I didn't receive the card pack with the classic skins and thus had to delete my Profile Data from the game's save list and restart the game, which then removed the optional tombs and Baba Yaga missions from my Score Attack/Chapter Replay menu.

- NOT A BUG BUT STILL AN ISSUE. Golden Child is a bronze trophy. This is probably the hardest and most strenuous trophy in the game, yet it's a bronze? Also, all the trophies are bronze for some strange reason apart from the one for achieving 100% completion.

- Extremely noticeable frame drops in Geothermal Valley. I'm talking like 15 fps for a few seconds here and there. Shocking.

- In the Chamber of Souls mission (both main game and via Expeditions) I have had a glitch on Extreme Survivor and Survivor difficulties where Lara will randomly die in the sequences where you have to shoot the fireballs to hit the helicopter. Nothing has hit her and I heal Lara the moment a shot from the helicopter hits Lara as I stock up well on my resources. She will stand on a tiny bit of fire and go from full health to none in half a second. This also happened in the cutscene where Konstantin destroys most of the structure and you're up to the final bit of the fireball thing. The cutscene where Lara runs and hides behind the bit of wood, well, she died there... IN THE CUTSCENE. I had to restart the level as I was using the One Life To Live card, and when playing it through on Extreme Survivor, I had to restart again from the Point of No Return camp.

I consider these pretty major issues with the game and they need to be fixed ASAP.
Feel free to post issues you're having with the game that I have not posted. :)

13th Oct 2016, 07:07
cant confirm the freezes and card pack issue - maybe reinstall it. clean up your ps4.

have to add:
- sometimes animals or people appear like a statue for example at the lower camp in the valley the guy sitting near the fire after completing the game (animation left)
- the missing window texture in the cathedral (when climbing up to ana). the flash of the thunderbolts show windows (shadows/light indication) but there are just senseless wall textures.
- i was stuck in slow motion when doing the orrery jumping stuff - had to load last savepoint
- when soldiers are attacked by animals it should be their highest priority to kill them first (bear) instead of me (endurance mode)

13th Oct 2016, 07:13
Would probably be better to have put this in the tech support forum????

17th Dec 2016, 13:50

First of all ..sorry for my english!

I am having trouble passing the witch (baba yaga). I shoot the arrows, then blow that barrel (don t know what it is)..and I did so until the last "barrel". There ..I blowed it up sooner than I should and now I can t blow it up again no matter what I do. I cannot load the game anywhere else (since I have only one save) and no matter what I do that barrel won t "recharge" so to say. The lever is down..there is no green gas and I cannot do anything.
Anyone else got stuck here?