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12th Oct 2016, 14:51
Just finished the single player and expedition modes and want to post my opinion (+suggestions sometimes) for a little discussion.

Story (spoilers):

In intro gameplay in the desert of syria was amazing - i loved to see lara again in her tanktop - hoped to be able to wear it earlier in the game progress.
The story itself is great and great told. The longer I played the more curious i was about the ending and the source of all the happenings. All the documents you find and the hints make you sleepless till you finally beat the game. Anyway there were some logical understanding problems. The source helped the prophet to become immortal but his mind stayed normal too while the soldiers became some sort of zombie. Also why did he have to power to resurrect people - if so why didn't he do it more often for his own people? Sadly he didnt even said something about it - where it came from - where he found it - his whole story anyway.. the end was very short and unsatisfying for me.

The Action - in the first 90% of the game the action/discovery/realism balance was quite acceptable. The last 10% (mostly the tower climping part) was too much for me to give it weight and make me think about. Like reading a book the most things happen in your imagination - but when suddenly trinity warriors blow up everything and all the others too with fireballs like nothing matters anymore it just funny and not comprehensible. I dont like every game to end with "everything gets blown up" - but that seems to be todays mentality. I enjoyed the part discovering the whole city and its history.. Its was also very enjoyable to get all the backround (architects and engineers). Sadly some tombs made no sense but at least it looked great. Guess the game would take to long if everything environmental shall make sense.

Im happy with the ending and endless sorry for lara's destiny (mother father stuff). The character lara appeals to be alive and making comprehensible choices. That last part is to most important. great job here! Also the connection to TR2013 is noticable (audio records). Still something is missing, I think its the love factor that the character doesn't deliver. Of cause she had alot trouble with all the family stuff and fullfilling her fathers research and the game really want to point that out. Like Jonah said "if you rest 10 second you'll see". I think after all that she needs a new connection to anyone. Uncharted showed that its possible to bring a "love/relationship"-factor in a videogame to make the characters more believable - which worked great. But it could get quite difficult with a character like Lara Croft - but not impossible - maybe even necessary. Maybe something the next part should deal with that as she gets older learning what matters in life.

Just love it. The lightening in the caves is great. I wish to be able to change her light color (blue, green, orange).
The world feels dynamic and alive. Good Job here too! I hope the PS4 Pro enhanced visuals mode can noticeable top this out without loosing any graphical aspect.

All in All its great as allways but there are tiny things to discuss about: Something i missed here was to see my progression somehow. For example what are the max levels of each language skill.
I just didn't liked the menu style - it doesn't technically work smoothly switching with R1/L1 between the menus.
Also the map-feature is really bad. when in some tombs: you dont get a map of it - you see the main map and the symbols for relics are just somewhere in the map. You never know where the camp or the item actually is - outside somewhere or in some tomb. actually a no-go.

First off: two zombie modes?! seriously? In Tomb Raider?
Of cause I really like the suspense feeling when going in a tomb and expecting some horrible undeads down there but that itself makes the great atmosphere. The moment a zombie would appear would lead into an action shooter and the whole atmosphere of tombs is gone. Thats why im thankful that there are no zombies in the game.
Also these zombies expedition modes are just unnecessary in my opinion. I understand one zombie mode for those strange players out there who feel attracted by zombies - but that shouldnt become the rule. I dont buy a TR Game to kill zombies.. as a TR fan it actually annoys me to know that I payed for that ****.

Im missing a menu here where you can see all your cards (including those who are not unlocked).

Also Im very very very sad that there is only one single multiplayer/co-op mode. If it would be a DLC like on xbox i guess it will be hard to find random players.. im quite happy that all the DLC's are included on ps4. Thanks for that by the way!

The endurance mode itself is great but it would be nice if you add some logical aspects like:
-the fire of fire arrows would hold wolfs back from attacking as fire always does. Just while aiming like its shown on the loading screen picture.
-fire arrows should be able to inflame a camp fire
-the ability animal anatomy doesn't work - the heart isn't visible after unlocking the ability.
-the game should first search for other random players in your country and only if there is no player (or you dont want that player) the search should expand to other countries near to distant. (talking is quite helpful)
-the ending screen informations are just unimportant. Something people would like to see much more is a map where you can see the way you walked all the time in fast motion. Maybe then you see yourself doing circles - would be interesting to see.

Still I miss a team based multiplayer just like some hunting/collecting quest mode where your team has to collect materials to build you base. These multiplayer mode just motivate much longer - combined to the card system it could raise your sales massively ;). Using cards alone is just not as much fun.

There is one last technical/graphical thing that really made me sick as it is obvious. I just have to write it here: In the main story where you enter this "cathedral". After you are inside hearing ana speaking to her team and they are attacked by the immortals in the lower levels. You first have to climb up to get to ana. It rains outside and sometimes there is a bright flash of some thunderbolt. The light flash indicates that there are windows as you can see the flashing light trough them in some moments. But there are just walls.
Why did you replaced window textures with wall textures? It just dosnt makes sense now. It couldnt be too hard to place some window texture and some water flowing down on them outside. where is the quality management here?

thanks for the great game.
ps: please no more zombies:)

12th Oct 2016, 15:18
Interesting you didn't put the last paragraph in spoiler tags! Hope no new players read this!