View Full Version : Lara's Nightmare Discussion

11th Oct 2016, 23:45
I have just played and completed Lara's Nightmare. Wow, its a challenge alright. I played it on the easiest setting and with cards that make it easier and its still no easy task. Knowing your way round the manor and finding the Master Key are the key things to completing this. The final boss battle was a bit hairy too but it gave a sense of satisfaction to complete.

I can see a lot of people not liking this DLC due to the gameplay. It's the complete opposite to Blood Ties. I can't see myself playing it over and over so in that respect for me personally the replay value is very low.

it was great playing with the AoD skin too!

Anyone else enjoy it?

12th Oct 2016, 08:30
Here's a video I made of me defeating the final boss wearing the AoD skin which looks great!