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10th Jul 2002, 22:50
First off - this is a really cool fm. If you haven't checked it out yet - definitely give it a try.

My only complaint - if you want to call it that - is ,,,,hasn't lord ashton ever heard of wall to wall carpeting.:rolleyes: I think I crept through most of the mission on my knees at a snails pace just to keep anyone from hearing my footsteps.

I've just finished going through the mansion's vault - and have about 12800 or so in loot and all the objectives met.
But I have 2 questions. First - in Ashton's office - I found his private stash (if you know what I mean). But up on the book case is a statue that when you use it - it tilts and sounds like it's unlatching something - but I can't figure out what. A hint would be appreciated.

Secondly - I have yet to find a key to Capt. of the Watch's office downstairs. I read a note that he was drunk and went for a swim - but after going back and searching the pool area - I still can't find the key to his office - and the lock picks don't work. Again - a hint in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

11th Jul 2002, 00:06
At the central stairs (to the front doors), at the top, are the double doors that go into the hallway section with the big vault door. Just before those double doors is a side door. When you go into there, there is a similar statue that tilts - but the locked door there won't open if just *one* statue is tilted. Get it?

Don't remember the capt's quarters area. Someone else will have to answer that one.

By the way, the vault you see in the hallway has lots of loot. Did you find the "office" vault, too, that also has lots of loot?

11th Jul 2002, 02:53
Captain's Key - <font style="color:white;background-color:white"> The Captain was wearing his key. You'll find him at the fishpond with his sweetheart. </font>

11th Jul 2002, 09:07
Thanks for the info -

Vanguard - I've been in the main, side and office vaults. Although I don't remember "tilting" the second statue - obviously I did cause I was able to get inside the smaller vault to get the loot. I'll have to look for it when go back in this afternoon.

Nightwalker - you're the best. (hmmm - now where was that fish pond) ;)

Keeper Collins
11th Jul 2002, 16:16
Well,I have been to the Capatians Quaters downstaris but I'm not so sure what you're talking about.And if it's the captian of the Gaurds you're looking for he's out in the garden by the big fountion.He's the guard trying to hit on the girl named Lisa.(Like his ugly face will ever get a chance with her!)

12th Jul 2002, 12:04
I found the Captain - and he was a little distracted with a lady - so I borrowed his key and finally got into his office.

Which brings up another question - in the first room on the lower floor - I found the chief librarian (who's now taking a little nap). In a note on his desk, he refers to a secret passage with bodies. Does this passage exist or is it just part of the atmosphere?
I've looked for hidden switches in all the lower floor rooms, and only found the one in the last room on the right. It opened a door on a small cubbyhole with a key inside.

12th Jul 2002, 12:39
I don't think it exists in this mission. I believe that Christine said that was a reference to the Library in Casing/Masks, though I'm not sure.

12th Jul 2002, 12:45
Hello Nightwalker,

you are right, it should only be a hint that the mission is before Thief II :)

25th Jul 2002, 12:34
Hi, yes Lord Ashton has excellent visual extras (the fish are great) but I cannot find the hand of glory, despite knocking out all the AIs - any clues would be appreciated.

25th Jul 2002, 13:44
Check the small gardens beside the stairs (on the main floor) VERY carefully. :)

26th Jul 2002, 12:32
Thanks - mission accomplished.

I will no doubt need your help again going through the others in this mini-series. I think this is a very good first FM by the designer - my only complaint [if such it is] is that even for an average player such as me [who usually plays FMs on 'hard'] it was quite easy to dispatch the guards, even without using all the many free consumibles to be found. Has anyone ghosted the vault guards - I have not the patience or skill for this mdoe of play but it is always fascinating to see how the ghosters do it.

26th Jul 2002, 13:56
Vanguard wrote a detailed report of his attempt to ghost these missions that is quite interesting. You can read it in http://forums.eidosgames.com/old-ubb/ Click on the link to the FMs Ghost/Perfect Thief Results Part 2 Thread. I think it's on page 3. :)

26th Jul 2002, 14:09
Thanks again - I think that this is a different game level from mine!