View Full Version : PSM Mag, Kurtis and other stuff..

Lil Lara
10th Jul 2002, 20:47
Just last night I got the new PSM mag with Lara and Kurt on the cover. I have to say, this magazine has a lot of good and useful information in it.

First of all, people are wrong abour the 150 or 180 new moves! Lara will be having 180 SMOOTH ANIMATIONS, which has to do with making her run and other actions easier. Those aren't new actions, actually, she won't have many new actions.

Well, anyways... this game is going to be so amazing and I am so happy that they are going in a new direction. Kurtis sounds pretty cool, and he has telekenetic powers! Isn't that weird? The article also said that if Kurtis goes well then he might even get his own spin-off game! That would be cool, but I'm not so sure.

What does everyone think of Kurtis, or the article, or anything else?

Kurtis Trent
11th Jul 2002, 14:41
i think kurtis does deserve his own game. He sounds like a really cool character.

and yeah, i was gonna say, it would be hard to think of 180 new moves. :p im glad its new animations instead. otherwise it would be: square+triangle+r1.... and other compilcated combinations

so im glad its new animations;)

12th Jul 2002, 00:32
The misspelling of Von Croy to Van Croy was annoying!!!

Lil Lara
12th Jul 2002, 00:39
Yeah! I noticed that, too! I'm like, "stupid people.. it's VON Croy.. NOT Van".. hehehe