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10th Jul 2002, 20:14
i have a stuck in the bonus games of tomb raider 1 .the name of this level is" the fortress of atlantic" i am in a big cave where two mummy cats and two mummy gargoyle tried to kill me . no problem . i was comming at the top of this cave . on right ; two doors , many munitions and a block with 4 openings . i can not opening the doors , and if i am coming in the first opening i am stuck in . please help me . thanks .:(

11th Jul 2002, 02:27
Ahh - The Atantean Strongold!
Those Atlantis levels give me a pain!;)
You need to make your way inside an opening
in that huge slanted block.
But before you go down in there - explore the area for goodies.
You'll get those two doors opened from the other side later on.

12th Jul 2002, 00:29
How did you fare?

newbie gamer
25th Jul 2002, 23:29
go to stellas tombraider website go to google or any search engine and type in tombraider help (stellas is the best one i've found) good luck.