View Full Version : What does everyone do in their free time??

10th Jul 2002, 19:41
Besides playing Tomb Raider (or constantly watching SNL ;)), what does everyone do in their spare time. Or when they're not working, or in school........

I play tennis, the cello, and the piano; Hang out w/ my friends; listen to music. And best of all, go the coffee house downtown, for the best Frappes and French Sodas you've ever had!!! It's the best place Flushing's ever had. :D

Lil Lara
10th Jul 2002, 20:21
Hmm.. other things I do besides playing TR... hehe.. Well, I enjoy talking to you friendly people online and on AIM. I hang out with my friends often, listen to music; I sing and play the flute. I actually don't do much, hard to get around when you don't have a car, but I also love going to concerts when I get the chance. Hmm.. not much else that I do.. besides playing TR, but now that I have finished all of the games, I have some more free time on my hands(heheh). That's about it.

10th Jul 2002, 21:04
I work, look after my son, surf the web way too much :D and normally in this rubbish British summer i would be on my bike if i hadn't trashed it *CRY CRY SOB*


She will be whole again!!!!!! (one day LOL)

10th Jul 2002, 21:27
I take care of my two daughters, I love to read, chat to my mates, chat online to you fine peeps in the Eidos chatrooms, listen to music, I do yoga, and love to curl up on the sofa with a good movie and my partner!!!! Aw!!!!:p

10th Jul 2002, 22:56
I sit here

10th Jul 2002, 23:02
Watch TV (I think I watch too much), read books, play other video games, knit, hang out at the pool, hang out with family, watch some baseball, eat, sleep.

Sir Henry Morgan
10th Jul 2002, 23:41
I love the beach


11th Jul 2002, 01:21
Read, freestyle biking, read, other video games, read, listen to music, read...
have you noticed that I read a lot?

11th Jul 2002, 05:40
Free time?

Free time...where have I heard that phrase before?

Oh, yeah! That 20 minutes after taking a shower, waiting for my hair to dry so I can go to bed!

That's when I visit this forum.

11th Jul 2002, 06:33
I love to cook, go camping whenever I can, read, play piano & sing, garden, watch TV, go to movies with my dearest friend, check in on this forum...

12th Jul 2002, 16:38
Me and my friends make movies! They are halarious!:D

12th Jul 2002, 17:44
I come here.
I go to the movies.
I plait fog.
I travel through time.
I lie a lot.
I also throw a mean BBQ.

12th Jul 2002, 17:45
um ......... i watch tv , play tennis or any other sport that i feel like,read, go 2 school,er anythin and o yer thats if im not playin tr lol:confused:

12th Jul 2002, 20:39
I used to watch reruns of The Osbournes on MTV.

Now i just listen to music, go swimming, make Lara outfits for the TRLE, sing horrible karikoke, play volleyball if my wrists aren't swollen, read magazines,
take my cats out for a walk <-- seriously.

12th Jul 2002, 21:51
Besides TR stuff I shop, movies, love listening to music, read books, go to any seminar or watch any program I can on archaeology, walk a bit this I should do more of I know hmm, eat too much, spend time with family and friends, work, will be looking at joining some more groups in the local community maybe a women's defence class and a walking group that's me done.

13th Jul 2002, 12:16
I play StarTopia. :p

Though every now and again you might catch me play the original Tomb Raider all over again...

I love Supakarts! They are little go-carts with lawn mower engines. They can go about 50km/h and are a lot of fun. Failing that I simply find a whole bunch of friends and get drunk...

13th Jul 2002, 17:20
Let's see...
I play soccer, run, and swim, play the piano and french horn, wash and wax my future car, mow the lawn, do chores for my mom so I get paid, hang out with friends, plan trips to exotic places...

13th Jul 2002, 18:55
Watch too much TV.
Drink too much beer.
Read too many comics.

Play with my cats.
Think of Halloween things.

Drink lots and lots of Earl Grey. Iced.

Raider Sunrise
14th Jul 2002, 10:40
Besides TR, I read a lot, mostly detective and adventure novels. I listen to music, I play the flute. Hmmm.... I sometimes try writing stories but most of them are incomplete.

14th Jul 2002, 18:19
on my free time...

i camp, play tennis or anyother sport,draw,write,study,i play the guitar and drums,dance,etc..etc...etc..

14th Jul 2002, 21:38
I sing (a lot), play other computer games, play Bass, sleep, hang out with my friends and write poems/songs.

16th Jul 2002, 01:05
free time eh........whats that? i don't think i have ever had any!+
there is ALWAYS somthing to do.:D