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4th Oct 2016, 08:57
Do you think FF9 had the best quotes of all the FF games? I think Zidane, atleast out of all the other FF characters, is more care free and comic like, he is also more of a pervert :D

If you want to make this fun, try listing one of your favorite quotes from FF9,or other FF's in general.

I really like everything Qu says,when they are boarding the new airship in a hurry and everyone notices Qu is gone and they see her/him teleport, they ask how it got there, Qu replied, "I go to bottom of ship and teleport here." Vivi then asks, "What were you doing under the ship..." it seems like its going to lead somewhere major, like Qu did something wrong or helpful, the whole bit led nowhere, haha.

Anything Zidane says to any ladies is funny. And I always thought Stiener was annoying, his wallpaper at the begging of the start menu though, before you access a file, makes it look like he's pretty deep. He reminds me of FF7's Barret. But Stiener still has his moments.

Dagger hasn't said one thing funny if you ask me.

I like the Knights of Pluto and the gang of Turantualas (SP),

Best Quotes of all FF games?

"To be forgotten is worst than death."- Freya the Dragoon
best FF quote ever.
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