View Full Version : Lara's Dress Up?

10th Jul 2002, 19:05
Is it true that Lara dresses up as a guy during some point of the game???....Wonder how she looks...:confused:

11th Jul 2002, 00:23
Where'd you hear that from?? If it's true, that makes the storyline even more interesting than it already is.

11th Jul 2002, 05:05
I only heard of guys that dress up as Lara :D

I even once have seen one on a comic fair but he was taller than I am (I am 6'3") so I couldn't laugh into his face. :D

11th Jul 2002, 16:58
*cringes at the thought of this* ;)

11th Jul 2002, 19:48
LMAO:D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11th Jul 2002, 19:54
people probably got the fact that you can play as kurtis mixed up with lara dressing up as a guy and that your playing lara dressed up rather than kurtis trent!