View Full Version : All my AIs can be knocked out with one blackjack or sword hit! Why and how do I fix?

10th Jul 2002, 17:59
I checked, and I am visible to my AIs. When I come into a room, they go on alert, yell, etc., but I can take them all down with one sword or blackjack hit. I even put a new, unmodified AI in, and the same thing happened. I'm at my wits' end here...

10th Jul 2002, 18:37
Okay, apparently it just does this for servants. Also I found out that one b/j is supposed to take out an alerted servant, but they should take more than one sword swipe. :confused:

10th Jul 2002, 18:38
Okay, I feel like an idiot. I simply restarted DromEd and reloaded my mission, and everything is working fine. Ah, the vagaries of this life... :D