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10th Jul 2002, 13:28
If I use custom objects in my mission, like the ones of schwaa that I found at the Thief Underground :) , and I add them in my object hierarchy. Do I need to save my gamesys then?

Stupid question, I guess. I *bet* I have to save it. Messing around with archetypes and no new gamesys? Hah!

Err. In the case that I have to save the gamesys... given the fact that dromed likes to act up funny on occasion, and I want to have safer design with it. When would be a good time then to add the custom objects?

I am approaching at the moment the phase of detail architecture. I wonder if it is dangerous to add in this phase already the new objects into the gamesys. I also wonder if it is relatively safe to add the roombrushes now, while I am at the detail work.

I just don't want to have dromed screw everything up because I entered game mode while having a roombrush selected! :eek:

10th Jul 2002, 15:01
My personal style is *always* to create a custom gamesys at the start of a new mission. I have a base mission with my favorite standard texture palette loaded, with my favorite custom gamesys. The gamesys has several new object archetypes that I always use, like OnFilter, ConversationTrap, BookTrig, ButtonTrig, and a couple of custom metaproperties.

I load my standard base mission that is empty (one cube brush centered at 0,0,0 plus room brush), with my favorite texture palette.
Save the gamesys under the new name, like "miss25.gam".
I issue the dromed command "set_gamesys miss25".
I save the base mission under a new name, "miss25.mis".
I then reload the base mission to be sure that it will load the gamesys.

During mission building, I have the convenience of adding archetypes whenever I want, because I already have the mission set-up for a custom gamesys.

2 cents worth. Your mileage may vary.

10th Jul 2002, 16:53
Really the only danger with using a custom game.sys is accidentally saving your mission as a .sys file or saving over your mission by saving your game.sys as a .mis file. Just be very careful during the saving processes and you'll be fine.