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25th Sep 2016, 09:16

Please see details below, hope you can help please.


Bug description
What happens?
I change the formation to 4-2-3-1 (Attk) as this accomplishes a mission. The mission complete screen comes on and I press continue. Then the same mission complete screen comes on over and over. Every time I press continue, mission complete flashes up and you cannot click any other part of the game so I am stuck in a loop. I have tried restarting the game, restarting my phone and it appears the game is stuck.

Steps taken to reproduce bug
How does it happen? What steps do you take before it occurs?
Game is stuck in a loop whenever I start the game I get mission accomplished over and over and cannot get out of it.

What team you are currently managing
Sheffield Wednesday

The current in game date
Sat 25 March 2023

Device you are playing on
One Plus Two

OS you are playing on

OS Version currently installed on your device
Android 6.0.1

29th Sep 2016, 17:42
After a week, the issue appears to have fixed itself because the mission completed pop up was overrided by one of those You Can Do It! pop ups from Pochettino. When that came up and I clicked continue, the mission completed pop up stopped happening. So if anyone else suffers this, just keep trying every day and wait for one of the challenges or pop ups and it should fix. Not sure if the devs want to look in to it to stop it happening, but this is a user fix.