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10th Jul 2002, 13:04
I am so STUCK!!

Ok, so I am in the Sun Forge Temple and I have the one mirror turned and both Dark Reaver doors open, but I can't seem to figure out two things.

1. How do I get the Dark bridge to work, since to get up to that height I have to warp to spectral, and then I lose the dark element.

2. I can get the last peice of the puzzle, but I can't get it to the stand, do to the fact that I can't float across the gap, while holding an item. What am I to do?

Can someone help this poor fledgling?:rolleyes:

10th Jul 2002, 13:36
this is a piece from a walkthrough from the beginning of this forge. all answers are there.

Light Forge

As usual, the doors will snap closed behind you, and you'll be
left in a long hallway. Fight your way through this hallway, and Glide
out to the altar with the Purple flame in the middle of the large room.
There will be a short cut scene. If you need to recharge the power of
the Dark Reaver, go to the ground level behind the altar platform, and
recharge it. Now, stand on the Altar and shove the Dark Reaver into the
flames. This will activate a dark bridge over to the other side of the
room. Cross the bridge, and then shift to the Spectral Plane to pass
through the gate blocking your path. Activate the Check Point and
shift back to the Material Plane. Proceed forward and use the Soul
Reaver to open the door in front of you. There will be a short cut
scene while Raziel looks around the room. This is the main room of the
Light Forge. Head to the back of this room, and shift to the Spectral
Plane. Pass through the Gate blocking your path. Head forward until you
come to a Blue Portal. Shift back to the Material Plane. Head back to
the gate that you passed through just a few seconds ago, now in solid

On one side of the room, there will be a mirror, which you can
move by sliding it up or down. Pull the mirror away from the gate so
that it unlocks the set of doors with the Sun on them. Proceed down
this hallway until the gates close, and you have to destroy the enemies
to proceed. You will get a large mirror. Place this mirror on the empty
stand in the main room. Go down the hallway by this mirror, and turn
the large mirror until it opens the sun door near it. Go down this
hallway until you reach a gate. Shift to the Spectral Plane and pass
through the gate. There will be a short cut scene, which hints at the
exit to this area. Climb up the pillars until you are high enough to
glide to the exit. Proceed until you reach the Blue Portal, located on
the left side of a long hallway. Shift back to the Material Realm. Head
back to the room with the Pillars. Activate the Soul Reaver, and
recharge it with the Dark Reaver power. Now, head back to where the
exit you glided to is. The block in the wall between the two staircases
can be dragged. Drag the block out, climb up, and proceed down the long
hallway again. Head left at the end, defeat the guards, and plunge the
Dark Reaver into the Altar. This will create another Dark Bridge. Head
across it, and fight the Guards in the room at the end. Now you have
the second small mirror, now jump down to the room below and place the
mirror on the holder. Now head back to the main room, and back to where
the mirror that slid up or down is. Slide the mirror down away from
the sun door, so it shines on the other mirror. Now, head down the
hallway across from the mirror, glide across the gap. Now, use the Dark
Reaver to open the door. That solves the first part of the Light Forge

Head back to the room with the pillars and now, you can open the
Dark Reaver gate that you had to pass through before. Head back down
the long hallway, past the large mirror, and Glide across the gap, to
where the statue with the Dark Reaver symbol is. Now, use the Dark
Reaver. There will be a short cut scene with the statue lowering into
the ground. Now, turn the Large Mirror so that it shines onto the Small
Mirror on the other side of the gap (there will be a short cut scene to
let you know they're lined up right. Now cross the gap again, and use
the Dark Reaver to open the door that the Small Mirror is shining on.
This will cause it to shine on another mirror, and solve another part
of the Light Forge puzzle. Head towards the gate in Light Forge Room
(the first gate you passed through.) There will be a short cut scene
and the gate will open.

Now, head back up the long hallway to the room where the Sentry
Eye is (where you used the Blue Portal and saw the guy get zapped by
the beam.) Use the Dark Reaver to shoot a projectile into the eye (its
located over the Sun Symbol, on the Ceiling.) Once the eye rolls back,
run forward and grab the sun symbol. Now, the eye will roll back, so
get out of its shooting range as quick as possible. If you get zapped,
you'll shift back to the Spectral Realm, and will have to shift back to
the Material Realm, and recharge the Dark Reaver in the Pillar Room,
and do this all over again. Now, run down the long hallway, with the
sun symbol, back to the room with the Light Forge in it. Stand in front
of the Light Forge, and place the sun symbol on the spot that looks
like a sun. After a short cut scene, you will be in control of Raziel
again. Walk forward, and thrust the Soul Reaver into the Light Forge.
After another cut scene, you will have the Light Reaver, and a larger
health gauge. Proceed to the door located behind you, and thrust the
Light Reaver into it. It's time to make our way out of the Light Forge,
and back to the Southern Lake. Pass through the door you just opened,
pass by the Light Reaver recharger, and open the Gate behind it using
the Light Reaver. Pass through the room with two staircases (the one
with the Dark Reaver Altar which activates the Dark Bridge) and shoot
the symbol over the door with the Light Reaver (there is a short cut
scene which hints at this.) This will open the doors in front of you.
Head down the hallway, and use the Soul Reaver to open the doors in
front of you, allowing you to proceed back to the Southern Lake

hope this helps

10th Jul 2002, 13:45
I don't know how I missed that Block!!! Confound it all!! I tried looking for blocks everywhere....I guess I need to more patient.

Many, many thanks...oh wise one!


10th Jul 2002, 15:03
`twas no problem at all, fledgling :)