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10th Jul 2002, 11:31
I'm having problems with the goals in my tiny little FM I've done. There are only three objectives -- 1) Steal all the loot, 2) Don't kill any people, 3) Return to where you broke in when done.

As soon as the "Steal the Loot" objective is completed, the other two automatically complete as well, no matter where the player is! I have the ending room set up with the "WelcomeRoom" script, and it is a new room type called "EndPoint". It is the only room of this type -- the rest of the rooms are default rooms. I've recompiled the room database and everything, and the goal is pointing to the correct object number (172). Here's the goal code I inputted:

quest_create_mis goal_state_0, 0
quest_create_mis goal_visible_0, 1
quest_create_mis goal_type_0, 3
quest_create_mis goal_loot_0, 1135
quest_create_mis goal_min_diff_0, 0
quest_create_mis goal_max_diff_0, 2

quest_create_mis goal_state_1, 0
quest_create_mis goal_visible_1, 1
quest_create_mis goal_type_1, 2
quest_create_mis goal_reverse_1, 1
quest_create_mis goal_target_1, -14
quest_create_mis goal_min_diff_1, 0
quest_create_mis goal_max_diff_1, 2

quest_create_mis goal_state_2, 0
quest_create_mis goal_visible_2, 1
quest_create_mis goal_type_2, 4
quest_create_mis goal_irreversible_2, 1
quest_create_mis goal_target_2, 172
quest_create_mis goal_min_diff_2, 0
quest_create_mis goal_max_diff_2, 2
quest_create_mis goal_final_2, 1

I'm not sure what's up! Any help would be appreciated.

10th Jul 2002, 11:57
I'm guessing here, but ...

quest_create_mis goal_final_2, 1
quest_create_mis goal_irreversible_2, 1

The only thing I can think of is that the objective gets completed as soon as you get to the welcome room the first time, and when all other's have been achieved (i.e. the loot), it checks off because it is irreversable.

10th Jul 2002, 16:06
Thanks, that was it!

10th Jul 2002, 16:47
Yup, that's a common mistake, and easy to make. It's easier to get it right by using TOW, and just click the FINAL box for that goal :)

11th Jul 2002, 03:40
Another thing you have that you don't need is
quest_create_mis goal_min_diff_0, 0
quest_create_mis goal_max_diff_0, 2
Min and Max setting if the goal is for every difficulty level.

11th Jul 2002, 15:55

goal_irreversible is indeed an oddball. It can be very useful with goals such as "find the scroll with the important information." In such a case, making the objective irreversible allows the player to drop the scroll after reading it without undoing the goal completion.

When used with a WelcomeRoom goal_irreversible very often creates problems, though. Yet there are times when it is useful:

If the room is not the last objective -- such as "find the secret room somewhere along the way" -- then making the goal irreversible would be the right thing to do, since otherwise, leaving the room would undo the goal.

Good luck on your mission!

11th Jul 2002, 22:10
Thanks again for the help! I have another question--is it possible to do goals like "Don't knock anybody out", or "Put item x in location y"?

11th Jul 2002, 22:26
yes and yes, though those get a bit more complex than normal goals, as you can guess. I don't know the details for the "no knockout", but for the "put x in y" you would probably need to set up a stim on the x or on the y which sets off a receptron on the other one, which sends a ControlDevice signal to a questvartrap which sets the objective to "complete". There are some handy questvartrig/questvartrap tuts lying around somewhere...

13th Jul 2002, 21:25
Has the 'no knock-outs' never been done in an FM?

24th Jul 2002, 12:45

24th Jul 2002, 19:44
Turning the Tables had something like that I think, IIRC.