View Full Version : Recruiting people with Dev/Programming skills for Nosgoth inspired game.

24th Sep 2016, 14:40
There is a closed facebook group of Nosgoth enthusiasts that are looking to put together a team to create a new game that captures the essence of the game we all love. It's likely going to be a "Monsters VS Humans" with similar game mechanics.

If you're interested in offering your skills, let me know and I will point you in the direction of this group.:D


3rd Oct 2016, 14:42
PM-ed you. If only they could release the code-base behind this, if they were so damn bent on not pursuing anything further...

5th Oct 2016, 14:42
PMed you the link!

27th Dec 2016, 09:13
I may be bit too needy here, but got anything done? And do you look for someone who thinks up lore, characters and stuff?