View Full Version : I can't connect GC It happen error code0002

3rd Nov 2012, 12:30
How I can fix it? Plz suggest me thank you

5th Nov 2012, 09:13
Hey nobody help me. I never cheat game why I can't connect game. SE support where r u? Don't interest user ****

18th Nov 2012, 04:10
I have problem same you eror002?

I feedback Square Enix Support center but no feedback.

Now SE solve this problem for you or not?

18th Nov 2012, 04:14
Contact customer support via the [SQUARE ENIX Support Center] support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.ph... (http://support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.php?id=5361&la=1)

Or call:

-1-858-790-7529 -9AM-5PM (PST) Mon-Fri

- Direct Line: 310-846-0345

19th Nov 2012, 23:48
No feedback from Square Enix staff....

22nd Nov 2012, 04:33
I saw many hacker(hack status and skill) in collosSeum. Why SE not do something with them but SE not help me fix. My ID only C rank. What happen about my ID?