View Full Version : Problem with Lara_Scream and Hair obj

10th Jul 2002, 05:59
Lately i've been having problems adding Hair and Lara_Scream to a level WAD

Lara_Scream ends up as Lara's butt or other part of her body

Hair becomes a long row of Lara's butt or the TR3 leg

I've haven't had a problem with them until now.
Has anyone experienced this? How can i get aroung this?

The Sage Of Time
10th Jul 2002, 06:08
I've been working with WAD's forever now.. And that's a odd problem you've got there.
Well let's see.. How do the objects themselves look in the editor? Do they look normal?
Also have you tried removing them? If you clear a mesh improper it will come back as a dummy mesh.
Dummy Meshes as you probably know are "Lara's Rear" and "Lara's Upper Left Leg"
In all honesty I can't see a reason this would happen unless your WAD is somehow corrupted.
I can suggest though you add the "DEFAULT_SPRITES" object to your WAD, it usually fixes many odd bugs and problems. I can't see how it would help this but it obviously is worth having in all types of WAD's anyway.
Oh and if all else fails and you can't figure it out.. Send me the WAD and i'll look it over, i'm kinda curious.

P.S. This'll sound stupid but I just remembered the above "can" happen if they are in the wrong slots..
I know you may say "duh" to that but it's just a fact I thought i'd mention, check just in case..

10th Jul 2002, 06:14
wow, i never expected that all that can cause a it to go wrong.

When i add Hair or Lara_scream obj, it causest the level to crash during loading. (since the Hair is a row of dummy meshes, the level cannot load).

Once i fix it within TRviewer it works, but everytime i add Lara_Scream it changed to a dummy mesh.
This has beening happening recently, i didn't have this problem at all in the past.

I'll will put default_sprite in my wad. I didn't know that it can fix my wad.

The Sage Of Time
10th Jul 2002, 06:21
The Default Sprites object is very important, it can cause levels to crash during load up without it.
Heck, it can cause levels to crash once Lara takes a few steps in a level! Or if she tries to jump into water!
Honestly I can understand some reasons.. But not all.. I figure the exe just calls for it at different times..
And if it doesn't find it.. well.. You get the idea.

10th Jul 2002, 06:34
Never mind, my level aready contains Default_sprites

The deal is: whenever i add Hair, i get a row of dummy meshes and never the correct hair. It doesn't matter what kind of hair, wheter it be hair textured purple to make it invisable in-game, or just regular hair.

I having been doing anything differently, and i know that i haven't been puttin gthem into the wrong slot. Maybe if i reinstall the LE.

But then again, i started having problems with Cleopal.WAD, whenever i modify the WAD, the converter crashes. and when i reinstalled the LE, it still happened.

I think this has something to do with my LE or my comp, not a definitive problem.