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Finders Keepers
10th Jul 2002, 02:07
Can't find the opening to the crypt! I've looted the crystal, opened all the bedrooms, thrown the switch in Lord Saturnine's chamber, but I still cannot find either the normal opening to the crypt or the alternate opening that Bradey mentioned to his girlfriend. Any help?


10th Jul 2002, 03:11
You've probably missed what a lot of people do. When you throw the switch under Lord Saturnine's bedside mat, you open the way to a second attic room. In that room, there's a switch on one of the posts down by the floor "window". Check the back of the posts, fairly high up, flip it, then look down through the window to see where you need to go. :)

Welcome to the forum, by the way! :D

10th Jul 2002, 07:13
Everyone gets stuck there! :(

Should I just make another version or what?
I could just put the lever on the floor right next to the window.

I've read people say that they have searched for an hour and even backtracked through the whole house and ended up getting annoyed with it, that's not good.

I never thought that would be the *only* emails I ever get about it, and pretty much the only posts about it now.

Maybe I could throw in a couple of easter eggs to make it worth it. ;)

10th Jul 2002, 09:44

I had a hard time to find that switch too, but it only took me about half an hour, I think. Including walking from one attic to the other, and some attempts to push crates around.

But, there were more than enough hints that something like a switch was to be found there. Maybe the word "lever" in one of the books was misleading? I was looking for one of the <i>big</i> switches at first.

By the way, I loved the 7th Crystal! :)

And the Keeper Compound in CL too! I am very eager to see the Pirate Ship on that you are working now. :)

10th Jul 2002, 13:39
I agree that it is a tough switch to spot. I was one of the ones who looked for an hour, and then Nightwalker came to my rescue.:)


I will not say it is necessary to make another version, but if you want to make another version, you could just replace that slider switch with a large floor switch that is easily visible from the nitche in the main attic. Getting into that room is challenge enough.:)

In any case, please don't let that work stand in the way of progress on the ship.:)

Keeper Collins
11th Jul 2002, 16:26
Don't worry it took a long time for me to find that switch in the atiic\piarte room in Lord Saturniens bedroom.And don't fell ashamed about asking for help on this mission because one I ask for help all the TIME becase I am such a "manfool"and second this is a nice mission but some parts are hrad.Now I don't know what you maen by alternative entrance but the mian one to the crypt is under those two tables in the libray.

11th Jul 2002, 20:38
I just loaded up T7C for the first time since I released it as v2, and to my horror :eek: the camvator runs way too slowly, it crawls along, so slow infact that Msledd has finished her narrative before the camera even gets to the long corridor with the torches! then I had to just sit and wait in silence (other than the occasional hiss of spiders) until around two minutes later I finally arrived at the crypt balcony where the bridge scene kicks in :confused:

Maybe, I thought, its a corrupted seven.gam as I have been messing around with the pirate ship and other stuff like CoSaS missions,
So I downloaded T7Cv2 again, and removed by hand, all custom stuff from my T2 folder,

But no, it runs slow, so here it is.....

O.......M.......F......G!! PLEASE tell me that isn't what everyone else has been seeing all this time??

Msledds narration is supposed to end pretty much exactly on the teleport to the bridge scene!

K, I'll just go and get the noose ready now........

11th Jul 2002, 22:52
Don't hang yourself yet, Saturnine! I just played the camvator part of version 2. It ran fine and MsLedd finished talking just at the right time. It then went straight to the bridge scene. It worked beautifully.

12th Jul 2002, 07:55
Could it be the same problem like when the normal walking speed is suddenly replaced by that "like walking in quicksand" speed? I had that happen to my FM Thief so often now...

It happened to my knowledge to the first time after I installed Calendra's Legacy, and it stayed that way ever after. It is helpful if moving over tiled floors though...

I could fix it by copying all the cfg and bnd files from my Dromed Thief into my FM Thief directory.

1st Mar 2003, 00:12
or maybe im not even in Saturnine's bedroom at all.

I have looted the crystal after finding the girl and guy dead outside some rooms. Is Saturnine's bedroom the one who I peered into from the attic?? If so......I dont see what is called a bedside mat to reveal a secret lever.

Perhaps I am interpreting some things I have read here wrong since I am only to a certain point in the game, but there is one large bedroom in which the bed is up on a stage and there is a small chest that the air vents to the attic.

Also, there are 2 doors I cannot unlock on the same level.
Also, there is one door I cannot unlock toward the SE or toward the servants area.

Did I miss a key? Can anyone help? :)

PS what is up with ttlg.com ? I cannot ping the site at all.

1st Mar 2003, 00:54
I just answered your question (I hope) in the other thread you started. :)

1st Mar 2003, 01:22
yeppers thanks and sorry for spammage :rolleyes: