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the abyss
10th Jul 2002, 01:41
alright....I just want to get one thing straight....when someone is revived as a vampire (with the exeption of Kain) is it the same soul that returns to the body? I just need to know because if not then

A:it explains alot

B: I finally discovered how the soul trapped in the reaver could end up in the body of a vampire

If anyone can give me any good proof that when a vampire is arisen by another vampire he somehow summons back that body's original soul i would love to hear it....if for any purpose an excuse to ponder this idea further

the abyss

Umah Bloodomen
10th Jul 2002, 02:44
I think that a vampires original soul does return to their vampyric self.

Vorador seems reminiscent of his humanity, he implies of his own humanity and how he prefers the life of being "divine." Janos Audron's soul obviously returned to his own body. He was not vampyric and then was cursed with vampirism (along with the rest of his race.) He too seems reminiscent of his past ancient heritage (pre bloodlust).

Heck, Kain himself is a great example of this. Eventhough he was born from necromancy, he still holds the same memories and demeanor of his past nobleman self.

Raziel seems to be the only exception to this theory so far. I think that occurred because someone didn't want him exposed for what he truly is. There is no evidence of the other bretheren being oblivious to their former selves (or totally different souls altogether). I would find it rather ironic (and very cool :p) if the rest of the bretheren knew of their Sarafan roots and just didn't let Razzie in on the little secret.

10th Jul 2002, 02:59
I think its the same soul that returns to the body, but with all memories wiped out, only with the Bloodlust instinct and serve who turned him...

Posted by Umah:
Heck, Kain himself is a great example of this. Eventhough he was born from necromancy, he still holds the same memories and demeanor of his past nobleman self.

Yep, i think Mortanius let Kain preverve his memories...but theres one thing that is always bugging me, if Kain preservers his past memories, so how could he like being a vampire to kill humans? I think he should feel sorry for them....

10th Jul 2002, 05:48
A: Without going into too much detail, there are various ways a vampire can be born/created.
The ancient/original Vampires (like Janos) had one method, by which Vorador was raised, and by which Vorador would also raise his vampire offspring. This would be a more "traditional" method, where the vampiric curse is passed from one vampire to a human.
Mortanius raised Kain by necromancy -- this gives Kain a unique vampiric heritage.
Because of this unique heritage, Kain's method of creating his vampire "sons" is also unique -- rather than using the traditional "blood" gift to create a vampire, Kain must donate a portion of his spirit. By breathing a portion of his soul into a corpse, that creature's soul is drawn back into the body and the creature is resurrected as a vampire. This is how Kain raised his six lieutenants in the Tomb of Sarafan.

Kain was only dead for 4 days, and the Sarafan 1000 yrs, this is why Kain remembers his life and the brethren do not.

Kain did view vampirism as a curse (at times) thru-out Blood Omen. He also says to Janos in BO2 that the curse of vampirism is no mark of divinity, so he was still sometimes thinking it was a curse later in his life.

10th Jul 2002, 07:37
of a soul not remembering its past. It in the manual for Soul Reaver I do believe mentions something about this or in an answer given to us by chris@crystal. Either way it was official. Then again, wasn't Kain raised by necromancy using vampiric powers?? If the pillars were vampiricaly or ancient power imbued, wouldn't that mean that if it was to recreat the Hylden curse make a true vampire in a way but in another not?? It is a question hard to word but heavily waying on me lately. Don't have any of my manuals lately with me, so I can't see with what magic or power the pillars were raised with. I think it was in a manual or in a game itself. Need to look into this.