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10th Jul 2002, 01:25
Just so everyone that cares know, the final battle will be a poll too. But until then....

Pillar Guardian Mortanius


Janos Audron

Umah Bloodomen
10th Jul 2002, 01:41
Janos gave Mortanius his power to become a sufficient guardian of his Pillars. I would be inclined to believe that if necessary, Janos could render Mortanius defenseless and prove victorious in this one. (Besides, it isn't clear yet as to what damage Janos can actually cause if provoked. ;) ).

My vote:

Janos Audron

10th Jul 2002, 04:03
ill go with mortanius:D

10th Jul 2002, 05:45
I'd say Janos, simply because we don't know exactly what it would take to kill him. Having his heart ripped out didn't do it!

Stone Cold
10th Jul 2002, 07:31
Hmmm, tough one.

Still, we haven't seen the full-extend of Janos' power.
(I hope we get to see that in future LoK games.)

So far, I say it's a draw

11th Jul 2002, 01:55
Janos. Just a hunch. Seeing as I'd figure the guy wielding the Reaver in the first mural to be him - that sort of makes him the general... and Mort fell to the fledgling Kain, after all.

Umah: WHAT??? Where did that come from?? :eek:

11th Jul 2002, 22:53
Winner of this little voted on battle Janos Audron