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10th Jul 2002, 00:24
I just finished downloading the Hidden Garden files, and putting them in the right spot. I'm in Level Converter right now, and it's stopped. It's only finished firewalk.tom, and garden.tom. Did I do something wrong, because it's not going on to gorge.tom or the other two. And it hasn't said *built all complete*.


10th Jul 2002, 00:39
Any level over or near 300 texture infos causes the level editor to freeze. But you'll know that it's converted successsfully when you can move the window around or close it.

But it's best to close the converter after a freeze and start another level conversion. That way, you'll know when one conversion ends and another begins.

In in others words. It's fine. As long as you find gorge.tr4 in the /data folder.

10th Jul 2002, 00:42

I can move it around, but I don't want to close it yet......lol

So then all 5 of the levels will work??

Before I almost forgot, something strange happened the first time I downloaded this. All 5 of zip files were completely empty, and a message came up telling me that they were bad zip files. Anyone know why? Same thing happened w/ Celtic Folly, although the first two zips were okay......

10th Jul 2002, 00:47
That's probably because of your comp or your download manager (if you're using one).

Vivi Ornitier
10th Jul 2002, 01:05
That usually happens to zips if you try doing something else with your internet connection...

Just leave it whilst it's downloading and it should be fine....otherwise they do corrupt.

10th Jul 2002, 02:03
Need help with Celtic Folly now.

I'm completely lost in what I'm supposed to rename, and where it goes, and whatever else.......

10th Jul 2002, 23:00
Originally posted by Aquarius
Need help with Celtic Folly now.

I'm completely lost in what I'm supposed to rename, and where it goes, and whatever else.......

Yeah, I know what you mean. It's a real piece of abstract art, the installing procedure! :D (Sorry Jon ;))

I'll try to explain:

1. extract 'customwad' to every folder you like
2. COPY!! (and do not place them there or you'll have much more work) all eight files to the graphics/wads folder
3. rename all (8) inch1.xxx files to inch2.xxx
4. copy all inch2.xxx files to the graphics/wads folder
5. rename all inch2.xxx files to inch4.xxx files and copy all inch4.xxx to the graphics/wads folder
6. rename all inch4.xxx files to inch5.xxx files and copy all inch4.xxx to the graphics/wads folder
7. rename all 'catacomb.xxx' files (they're already in the graphics/wads folder) to inch3.xxx
8. extract 'tomfile1' and 'tomfile2' (you downloaded these) to the graphics/wads folder and press 'yes' you when asked to overwrite the inch3.xxx files!
9. place the English.dat, load.bmp, Script.dat and Strings.h in the TRLE fodler (like you always do)
10. copy the uklogo.pak file in the TRLE\data folder
11. convert the level

Hope this makes it more clear! ;)

11th Jul 2002, 22:45

I think I understood most of that, except, what is 'customwad'?? Is that the wads.bat???

Whenever I click on that to copy the files, something comes up telling me "ERROR! Unable to locate wad files"

11th Jul 2002, 22:51
Sorry, my mistake. It's not named 'Customwad' but 'wadfile'.

To copy: select all the files you want to copy. Then just hold CTRL down + drag the files to the right folder. (it's the normal Windows method, as far as I know)

11th Jul 2002, 23:04
Okay, I think I understand now what I need to do.

Now, if I can just finish the Hidden Garden series first, before I go onto Celtic Folly.

Thanks for your help! :)