View Full Version : Email issues

8th Sep 2016, 16:09
Since I was already writing this several times, I''ll make it short. I made a new email some time ago as the old one was compromised. New email works fine, I log in with it and even get promotional emails from Square. However, when I want to preorder, and on my actual profile the old one is still listed. I don't feel comfortable preordering with the old email being listed (and it's bad info to begin with, I simply want my current email displayed) in case I need to confirm a purchase, or something. The only place I could find where I can actually change it, that SE's security page, it already lists the actually current email, so I can't change it there. So what, is there some other hidden place where I have to change my email, or is it some sort of a bug on Square's end?

And yes, I sent a ticket, but I didn't even get the usual email about that ticket, so I decided to try here.