View Full Version : Cant Findtrlr Strategy Guide

Chemical Soldier
9th Jul 2002, 23:34
I just revived my Tomb Raiding Experienced that has been on Hyatus since TR 3 . I bought The Last Revelations after playing and finding all the other games again in a long forgotten game box . Anyways the thing is that I bought TRLR and have been desperately looking for the PRIMA strategy guide and cannot find it anywhere at all . I have heard that it sucks because of certain things in it and lack off but I still want it . I found LARA'S BOOK
with all the TR'S in it and I didnt buy it because of the short synopsis of the levels .
If anyone knows the whereabouts of any TRLR strategy guides out there I would be glad to hear from you . Ive tried everywhere.

10th Jul 2002, 13:56
did you check the web?.............Prima's on line.
If you're looking for a walkthrough, try Stella's.