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9th Jul 2002, 22:54
Lara may be a computer character but what a computer character she is! Just unforgetable! What you think!

10th Jul 2002, 00:31
Yeah, she's unforgetable. The sucky thing is that when we tell the next generation of youth about these games they're probably gonna think they suck. They'll be like,"Why do the graphics suck so much?" or "Why isn't it virtual reality?" Kids these days:rolleyes:

10th Jul 2002, 01:56
Kids these days? lol

I'll bet there is more kids than adults playing Tombraider games, and more kids than adults on these forums!

10th Jul 2002, 12:50
she is a true icon in the computer game world, she is ranked ell above the Mario's, Sonic the Hedgehog's etc. She is a phenominon!

10th Jul 2002, 14:41
Tomb Raider is the only game that I play!

11th Jul 2002, 14:23
Originally posted by SugaHoneyBear
Tomb Raider is the only game that I play!

./Me too.

14th Jul 2002, 02:22
Well: a few months ago, I would have said ... me too! But of all the games ever made in the whole wide world, there is one that comes close and can even be considered to be nearly as good as Tomb Raider .... and it's MAX PAYNE! You've gotta play it! It's fantastic!

... still like Tomb Raider a bit better though!