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9th Jul 2002, 22:14
Here is a link to a Angelina Jolie picture of her training in Tomb Raider 2. It is a pic of Angelina in a wet suit, I guess training for the movie.


9th Jul 2002, 22:33
Very cool! :)

9th Jul 2002, 22:52
Indeed :cool:

10th Jul 2002, 00:28

10th Jul 2002, 01:23
:cool: Cool! I guess this means we are going to be getting an underwater scene - should we expect sharks and frogmen? Do you think she'll have as much trouble with this underwater stuff as we have? :D
We can only wait & see grasshopper, we can only wait & see.

10th Jul 2002, 01:47
Ooooh!!! All raise the roof for innovation!!! Finally, an ORIGINAL action scene that hasen't been seen before...
I'm so happy, this is gonna be one WICKED action scene... We've all seen guns blazing, martial arts, and car chasses, but an underwater fight scene featuring Lara Croft??? Damn skippiddy!!! Looks like they're trying something new... GOOD!!!

I think TR2 is gonna rock... The first movie was amazing!!! If they kept the original score, the deleted scenes, and the longer, more intruiguing and atmospheric intro that is... The final version was merely ok...

If they spice up TR2 with amazing cinematic shots, angles, locations, a deep storyline that makes the audience view life differently, and if they keep Lara to her classy, sophisticated roots, along with some innovative fight scenes, it'll rock!!! But at the core, Lara IS the movie... Lara represents something tribal, more than masculine or feminine, she has this magnified fire for life that, and she breaks the rules and boundaries, not because she's trying to be a rebel bad-@$$, but because life is all about perspective... And the way she see's life... There are no rules, cuz she can do anything!!!

I hope there's a scene in TR2 where we can see Lara training in her mansion... I mean like in the games... A training scene would show her physical strength, determination, and bending of the rules... It'll show alot of character and independance... She trains for herself, and no one else... And she doesn't train to impress, she trains to be ready for anything, and she trains to be a more complete human being... Our bodies are our temples and she knows it and respects herself!!!

Anyhoo-dilly, i'm dragging, later!!!

Have an adventurous life!!! Follow the mysteries of the world to find your place in the universe. God knows this society won't help with that!

10th Jul 2002, 03:51
I can't wait for tomb raider 2! Its going to rock!:p
Even since the first tomb raider movie, Angelina Jolie said she wanted a underwater scene. Now she finally gets one. I also heard that a underwater scene was taking out of the first tomb raider movie, well at least thats what it said in the offical tomb raider movie magazine. It said that Lara was going to fight eels(did I spell that right)but they took they scene out. I really do not know why. This scene was prob. going to be shot in Cambodia. Well thats my guess.

Also lara's house will not be featured in the next tomb raider movie, at least thats what it says in a article I read at tomb raider chronicles.:(

11th Jul 2002, 00:59
Lara without her house!!! Either TR2 is going AOD on us, or they're screwing us over again!!! They better stay true to TR or so help me!!!

Lara without her home is like James Bond without his car... Or Indy without his whip!!!

11th Jul 2002, 04:12
Where's the Sola name on the wetsuit? :D

I haven't even seen the first movie yet, so I don't think I can say just yet that the 2nd movie is going to be awesome, although it will be......

Do you think she'll have a harpoon gun too? And get so fed up with the dumb thing that she'll just want to beat whatever she's fighting underwater on the head??? I know I always wanted to!!

Maybe that's one of the new moves in AOD, beat the enemy with the Harpoon Gun. It'll finally be useful that way! :D

11th Jul 2002, 06:54
I'm not sure if that is the actual outfit she will wear, I think it is more of training before she does it you know to get used to it.

11th Jul 2002, 07:24
Originally posted by Cyber_Punk_303
Ooooh!!! All raise the roof for innovation!!! Finally, an ORIGINAL action scene that hasen't been seen before...

Never seen a Bond movie before?

a deep storyline that makes the audience view life differently,

Eh? This is Tomb Raider... not Nietzsche! Don't hold your breath for this in a popcorn movie.

and if they keep Lara to her classy, sophisticated roots...... and she breaks the rules and boundaries,

Contradiction in terms there, bucko.
Thats why she is neither classy or sophisticated. ;)

11th Jul 2002, 12:31
How cool!

@Aquarius: Will the harpoon ever be useful? I doubt it! It would be perfect if she could beat sme on the head with that as you say...

11th Jul 2002, 13:34
./I think Lara (Angelina) is going to use the harpoon in the movie for defeating herself against frogmen and sharks, as that's the way Lara did it in the Tomb Raider 2 game.
Well, I'm not sure, but it's just an assumption. :)

11th Jul 2002, 19:28
Never seen a Bond movie before?

hey DaveJ, never say never! :D lol that was cheesy.

12th Jul 2002, 01:54

The Matrix changed the way alot of people see life... it changed the way i see the world completely... But that only works if your understand the movie and see the layers. Not many people can do this, and that's why i love this movie... It's a cult movie that few will understand, most of society won't understand it... I'm hoping TR2 will be like that...

TR changed the way i see life... Lara made me realize that WE are the ones placing boundaries on ourselves because WE are the ones following society. That's why i'm throwing our bs society out of perspective to do my own thing.

And that thing about lara being classy and breaking the rules... That's the thing about lara, she IS a contradiction, which is the beauty of her!!! She has class, even though she doesn't follow a classIC lifestyle.

Someone's definately "asleep"

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12th Jul 2002, 07:30
"The Matrix" had some great ideas, but its not that difficult to fathom. My friends 11 year old son understood exactly the point it was making about questioning your reality. In fact I think only a very small percentage of 'society' DIDN'T get it...its not rocket science.
And PLEASE don't try the "You obviously didn't get it all if you don't agree" lark....thats just burying yourself deeper in its (and its fanbases') faux philosophy, and its million and one interpretations.

I remember coming out of the cinema when I first saw it thinking "That was AMAAAZING!! I could be in a computer controlled dream state right now and wouldn't know anything about it! That car I call 'mine' might not be real!! They even had a cool explanation of deja vu!!"
Ten minutes later I went for a curry and moved on.
After all, I could also be the unwitting participant in an intergalactic game of marbles, or I could still be strapped in a chair at Rekall Inc.
(You wanna see a movie that you can really get deep into, and get your mental teeth into? Try David Lynch's work instead.)

That kind of 'reality warping science fiction' is only new and groundbreaking if you haven't really read much science fiction before. William Gibson has been mucking about with ideas like that for years...and Phillip K. **** before him.

Great film though...I love it.
Not really a cult movie....its waaaay too mass appeal for that. A cult has developed around it, though. A cult of people who are convinced that it is their 'new religion'... an excuse for them to feel 'special' despite the drabness of their 9 to 5 lives. But it makes them feel special, so more power to 'em.

Sadly, there is a spoon.
We all would fail the building leaping test, and NOT get a second chance.
You would have to dodge bullets.
And you are still better off helping your landlady take out the trash.

Its doubtful that the TR movie will have as many layers to peel away. As fond as we all are of TR here, its just popcorn for the masses.