View Full Version : Jump rope to 1000 for key item impossible on iPhone due to controls?

7th Sep 2016, 01:20

Due to the controls of this mini game, it is very punishing because on a touch screen you cannot rest your thumb on the button. Those split second losses of time due to that cause extreme failure. I even tried a steel series controller and it feels like the inputs on the controller aren't fast enough via Bluetooth for the 200-300 range double jumps. Other mini games were tuned down for the iOS version such as impressing 100 nobles in the sword fight, and Hippaul racing. Why was this mini game left at the same speed when our controls are slightly slower than on PlayStation. Also, the counter doesn't register the same way as it used to, it appears to be one jump behind where you actually are at because the number doesn't change until Vivi lands, but by then you've already hit the button again, so the counter feels behind.

If anyone agrees with this please say so, I would love for the to be patched someday. Mini games like this aren't fun when they aren't accommodating the different control scheme.

TLDR: many other mini games were needed for phone release to accommodate different control scheme, jump rope was not, and jumping 1000 times for the key item is pretty much impossible compared to PlayStation version

9th Sep 2016, 01:22
Well, I did finally manage to get 1000 jumps on iPhone. It was very brutal. Previous boohoo post was mostly due to it understanding the rythym of the 200-300... Still though, in 2016 do we really need a MINIGAME to be more so challenging and frustrating than it is fun to the completionist type?