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4th Sep 2016, 03:12
An article I found about how Deus Ex:MD came to have microtransactions. http://www.digitalspy.com/gaming/news/a806649/did-square-enix-force-microtransactions-into-deus-ex/

Having played and enjoyed Human Revolution, I will never support anyone, no matter how good the game may be, that uses microtransaction elements to a premium console game. Not only is it shameful, but the way SE went about applying the bait and switch at the final hour after reviewers already had their hands on the game and against the team that made the games wishes is even more appalling.

However, I'm not surprised at the depths of SE's lost soul. With the passing of time they seem less interested in making original quality products and more interested in copy pasting other companies business practices in the name of the mighty Yen/Dollar. Whether it's slapping the Fantasy Fantasy name brand on every other game while releasing 1 main title offline story in 10 years so they don't have to actually invest the cash into a high quality game. Or putting any real effort into expanding the DQ name overseas (The DQ Heroes spin-off is a joke), while feeding us the nonsense logic of "We haven't decided if we will bring DQ11 overseas because we aren't sure their is a market for DQ elsewhere. So please buy our other crappy DQ titles that we don't mind bringing to the west so we know you like DQ." They are basically feeding us **** and telling us to buy it as ransom for a DQ11 release here. Or copy pasting every element including the FFX story onto I am Setsuna. Or FFXIV taking inspiration from other popular MMO's rather than their own highest grossing title of all time FFXI and feeding the game with fan service, Square Enix has lost their integrity and their creativity.

Not to mention story based DLC that they have had in their games. I already paid for the game, I deserve the full story. If you want to sell people vanity gear and the like, I say go for it. When you take it too far, I say goodbye.

You guys should just sell your popular IP's to someone that can succeed without taking soulless shortcuts and just keep making smartphone trash for children with their parents credit cards.

A former loving fan