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Lil Lara
9th Jul 2002, 19:35
I had this really weird TR-like dream last night. I don't know why, but I'd like to share it with you all.

Well... I was playing TR with my cousin but we were in the game and doing what Lara would be doing...except it was just us, no Lara... but my family was there as well(weird). We were like in the weird mansion place, kinda like the Croft Mansion, but not quite. We had to get this certain key, or something... and i turned on this faucet-like-thing and once a drop of water went on me.. I could fly! It was the weirdest thing... then I was flying around trying to complete the "level".

I can't really remember anything else, but it was sooo strange. Think I've been hanging out on the boards a lil too much? Hehe.. jk. Anyone have any other weird dreams that had something to do with TR?

9th Jul 2002, 22:16
Perhaps you were D O Z Y..... :D

10th Jul 2002, 00:39
lol About two weeks ago I had a dream too, except mine didn't seem like it came from 'special' brownies (lol!) like yours seems. :D

I don't remember much about it, I think I was in a maze or something....... And I was being chased, I think, by someone or something.

Les Effant Terrible
11th Jul 2002, 02:35
I had a dream just last night about TR 4. I just remember wondering around the tombs and watching out for spikes and mummies. I have dream often that are strange. Just a couple night ago I had one about a teacher who wanted me to shoot all these napping kids with a shotgun. I didn't want to so I ran out of the room (that just so happened to be connected Safeway) and I ran to the toothpaste section and the teacher turned into a witch, then a monster. I stared fighting her, then the isle turned into a pool of murkey water and she turned into and elephant and I beat her up and saved the day... No, I don't do drugs. Now you'll understand the significance of my signature. I have a certain connection with my dreams. I remember each and every one I wake up to.

11th Jul 2002, 02:47
last night i ahd a dream that i was lara like seeing everything from her perspective (ive done this before with other games too i guess i spend too much time pplaying them) anyway, i was shototing stuff like lions and gorillas and i was in a place of ruins. Then all of a sudden a half shaved dalmation came up to me yelping and crying and i woke up and had to check on my dog who is not a dalmation. the end. Very confusing huh?:confused:

11th Jul 2002, 02:47
My dreams are rarely about Lara or TR. Only one, by my count, has been about TR.

I usually have dreams about swimming or water.
Last night i dreamt that i was swimming in a pool. Except the deep side was full of little plants foating. One of my friends challenged me to swiming to the far side and back. I did, and when i got the the dirty side, i dove underwater, i could feel the plants, it felt dirty and grainy.

11th Jul 2002, 02:58
Could you actually feel it, or did it seem like you were feeling the dirt?? Do you have cat?? Because maybe you were feeling the little kitty litter pebbles. lol

11th Jul 2002, 04:20
the little green things were like the tiny plants that carpet ponds. It fet really dirty, like swimming in a pond.

My dreams are always incredibly realistic. Ever heard of
"mind-body" connection?

and yes, i do have a cat, but he sleeps in the den.

11th Jul 2002, 04:25
Sorry, never heard of it. But would like to know what it is. Dreams have always fascinated me for some reason. They can reveal things in the subconsicous.

I actually had a dream once (when I was 8 or 10) where this boy about my age had been murdered, and then chopped up into little pieces (great so far, isn't this??!). What's scary is that I think it was a few days later, it turns out that it actually happened. I'm kind of afraid of remembering gruesome dreams, because I think they'll probably come true.

Luckily the one where my sister died, didn't come true.

11th Jul 2002, 05:17
"mind-body connection" is where the body feels what the mind thinks.

Example: tesing alternative therapies, one group of paients where given herbal supplements to help treat a ailment, another group were given a placebo, nothing but suger pills.

Amazingly both groups showed improvement.

If we think we are experiencing sometime, the body can simulate it. It's still being studied and is very unknown.

11th Jul 2002, 06:50
I have had TR dreams too. I think the last one was when we (my friend and I) had been playing TRLR constantly. In the dreams I am usually Lara or at least like her. Sometimes Lara is there too and sometimes my friend is there too. It's always cool though, when I do some stylish LC move and in my dreams I'm always thinking "COOL!" Sad, huh?

I too have strange dreams all the time. One cool thing about my dreams though, is that I often dream up cool houses & stuff and the tombs in my TR dreams have been rather cool too. Unfortunately, I can usually only remember vague details upon waking, so never get them written down or anything...

Hey Aquarius? Once again you have come up with something sorta creepy, but it got me wondering - that didn't happen to be the guy that kept the chopped up people in his fridge & stuff, did it?

11th Jul 2002, 10:31
My lastest dream tr Aod was Lara shooting everyone it was a demo of the new game. She was in the city shooting children people in general I think it is just my concerns on the new game what it will be like, what Lara will be like etc. I came away not liking it.

I always dream/daydream maybe I'm Lara's best friend and sometimes I have flashes of day dream, I was walking up to the local milk bar five minutes from my house and she was walking with me in her orange winter stuff and we were chatting. weird. I always dream I'm at Croft Manor one of the furniture. All except the top dream on Lara have been great. She is such a cool friend. If I find something on archaeology I day dream I am showing her the book article and she's interested in it. Neat if only she was real. At least one gets to see her in the movies, dreams and stuff like that.

Les Effant Terrible
11th Jul 2002, 19:50
I've had dreams where I've gotten like shot, hit with weird lazer things and mauled by panthers and wolves and bears even in my own house and when I wake up it still hurts. I've also had dreams where it's funny and I wake up laughing. :D. And I've had dreams that come true. Like I had a dream there were bugs in my bed and a couple days later I woke up with a potato bug crawling up my arm. I seriously think that everybody has a sixth sence to a point in the ubconcious, but others are able to harness it better than others. I constantly have deja vous and have dreams that happen. I think it's all just the matter of the type of person. But oh well.

11th Jul 2002, 20:06
Ya i know what you mean LarzBritish, i have dreams where i trip, and my leg actually does the movement, (also a good excuse to kick your boyfriend/girlfriend in bed lol)

11th Jul 2002, 21:44
I had dreams where i ran, and i could literally feel my legs running.

Sometimes when im dreaming and something really good happens (like i inherited a lot of money), i think "i can't believe this is happening" but at the same time i think "oh, wait this might be a dream". I think this would be half-lucidity, because couldn't control what i did.

I had another dream a long time ago where me and my friend were in a house full of vampires and we were trying to find our way out. My friend opened a door and she yells "OMG, someone's in here, run!" and i was scared to death in that dream. More scared then i've ever been in my life.

11th Jul 2002, 21:56
EEK lol ... I only have nice vampire dreams LOL VvvV

When i was little though i used to have dreams where i went back in time and the 'todays' money i had was worth loads, so i went in antiques shops and bought nice things, I would try and leave the things on my bedside table to be there for when i woke up LOL (needless to say they never were but i still tried really hard to make them stay there in my dream LOL):rolleyes:

11th Jul 2002, 22:40
I feel compelled to finish my last post. So here it goes:

As i was saying me and my friends had just escaped from the vampire house. I was hiding behind a grandfather clock and she was under the table. We made our way out of a dark, thorny forest ( i had taken another route because i was afraid of being cut by the thorns).

When i came out of that forest, i saw her captured by people into a POW camp. I was then captured too. But i snuck out and i found her by the seaside, she had also escaped.

Then we head by to a park were i raced against people i didn't know, swimming in long tube of water.

I had no idea what that dream ment. Often my dreams are complex and bizarre (like Monty Python, :D).
And here's the strange thing, i can remember dreams from 5 years ago, yet i cannot remember my best friend's street address.

27th Jul 2002, 04:59
Just had to resurrect this thread as I had a LC-like dream last night. I say LC like because it wasn't tomb-like, but I was suddenly turning into LC in my dream and shooting up Samuel L. Jackson!

This dream was so bizarre - I have no idea what the deal was. I was in a big building - like an office or something that had lots of glass in the front & stairs on each side (actually, it sort of reminds me of one of the scenes in TRC inside on the 13th floor [or one of those levels at the end] now that I think about it). Anyway, all these terrorist type guys come in wielding guns and shooting at the folks inside. There were, however some inside w/me that had guns and shot back and ran all the guys out except Samuel L. Jackson. (I don't know if I saw this in a movie or where this came from, but he was THE BADDIE). As dreams often do, the room/building sort of morphed into something a bit different by the time I woke up, but Sam was hiding in the building and coming around stairwells and taking shots at us and I finally got fed up and turned all Lara on the situation and started trying to shoot him with a magnum!

So - how weird is that!?

27th Jul 2002, 07:22
When I first started playing TR games a few years ago, I would sometimes play late into the night, just before going to bed.

As a result my dreams would incorporate...how can I describe this?

You know in the TR games when Lara is in a corner or tight spot, and the POV camera keeps moving of its own accord because it doesn't know where it should be?

Well, my POV in my dreams kept doing that. I'd wake up cross-eyed.

27th Jul 2002, 19:26
It's nice to read that you Raiders have had TR dreams. I just experienced my first one ever just last week(I only started playing a few months ago), and, well, being I'm not exactly a teenager, I actually felt a bit embarassed about having one!
Mine was very short, in fact, it never really got started. All that happened was that I was with Lara & someone else in Paris (perhaps I've had a psychic insight to the beginning of AOD???) and we had to run away from someone rather quickly, we knew my level of fitness would never keep up with her, so I shot out the back way (mainly to hide rather than encounter) yet I magically gathered the ability to make a fantastic leap over a 5-foot fence and ran/leapt as fast as I could right into the real world when I woke up:cool:

27th Jul 2002, 21:28
Originally posted by DaveJ
When I first started playing TR games a few years ago, I would sometimes play late into the night, just before going to bed.

As a result my dreams would incorporate...how can I describe this?

You know in the TR games when Lara is in a corner or tight spot, and the POV camera keeps moving of its own accord because it doesn't know where it should be?

Well, my POV in my dreams kept doing that. I'd wake up cross-eyed.

I am familiar with this type of dream, however I usually experience a repetitive sequence, usually the same part of a level that I had recently edited. :)

28th Jul 2002, 01:00
I had a dream that I was about 5 years old and I was being chased by the demons from chronicals. It scared me so bad that I got rid of a stuffed animal that looked like an imp. Whats really strange is that my intire class had the same dream and only 2 of us have played it . The entire 7th grade thats about 25 people last year. :( :eek:

28th Jul 2002, 10:13
It is not uncommon for a group of like minded people to share similar aspects of the same dream, however this does appear more likely in adolescence.

28th Jul 2002, 22:17
Originally posted by lc,england
being I'm not exactly a teenager, I actually felt a bit embarassed about having one!

I'm not exactly a teenager either, so it's interesting that playing the game affects my dreams like this.

I did notice though, as someone else mentioned, that this mostly happens when I have been playing the game right before bedtime. The other night when this happened, though, I had just been here on the forum...interesting.