View Full Version : Criminal killer karmarama

9th Jul 2002, 19:10
The best warrior at my station is a criminal karmarama that i have employed. He uses a lasergun just like the other waring races. Does anyone else got him or am i the only one who have a karmarama warrior?

9th Jul 2002, 20:18
Thats odd, I thought only Karmarama SPIES had guns...

"Lasers don't kill people, law-breaking purple aliens with multiple arms do..."

9th Jul 2002, 21:57
Does he have a laser gun in each arm, now THAT would be cool. Hmm, that is very odd though. You hired him, and he just fights?? Mabey it's a bug so the Karmarama thinks he's a Gor... a Super Gor by the way you describe him... and no I don't have one.

9th Jul 2002, 22:32
"StarTopia works in mysterious ways..."

14th Jul 2002, 10:51
So much for the Karmaraman beliefs about non-violence. Does this Karmarama of yours still hate talking to Gors? Or does he feel more at home with them and likes the other Karmaramas now?

Follow him round and see where he like to hang out! This is a pretty cool bug.