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Stringy 3:16
9th Jul 2002, 18:21
My commandos runs slow & i've got DX 8.1 & 192 mb RAM.My PC's only 700Mhz though.:(

9th Jul 2002, 20:43
What OS?

Stringy 3:16
9th Jul 2002, 20:57
It's XP but it works on my dad's pc fine and thats an xp,but his is 2Ghz & 512 Mb RAM

9th Jul 2002, 21:37
256K RAM is more than enough. What is your video card?

10th Jul 2002, 00:27
Yeah it works fine with XP for me too, be sure to update it though. Also make sure you updated your sound and videocard drivers and if that all faisl try reinstalling directx, maybe something is wrong with that.

Mack the Knife
10th Jul 2002, 01:30
256K RAM is more than enough
and a 700 should be no problem either. make sure you have semi-current drivers. everyone says YOU HAVE TO HAVE the latest, you don't. i'm two revs back, 933MHz, 256, x8.1, and i play at 1280x1024 with no problems. in fact, i HAVE problems with the most current drivers. also, my display is 16 bit high color (check that) and i have a static 512 meg swap file (check that, don't let windows manage it). what background processes are you running that your dad isn't? example, you running a virus scanner and your dad isn't? if it's still slow, rent your dad a porn movie and use his...

hey stringy (as in where in the hell did you get that name! :D) are you related to Gangster 3:16 from the old Gangsters forum?

10th Jul 2002, 09:32
I think xp is the problem... I think that xp is taking away most resources from his pc and that's why it's going so slow. C2 ran fine on a 333Mhz for me so the cpu speed & ram shouldn't be a problem. The xp will run faster on your fathers pc because it's a 2Ghz (not sure or C2 works fine with it, still running win98SE on my new pc). Maybe try installing another os?

10th Jul 2002, 11:27
Ehm, why is everybody talking about 256mb while he said he got 192mb on his own comp?

Also i don't think XP will be the problem, i run it on an 800mhz with 512mb ram and 1 of my m8's runs it on a 700 with 256mb and we both run loads of programs at the same time and still no slowdown, in fact i can run my comp for more than 2 weeks before even noticing any slowdown.

10th Jul 2002, 19:25
Originally posted by 1shot1kill
Ehm, why is everybody talking about 256mb while he said he got 192mb on his own comp?

Sorry, that's my fault. What I meant was that I run with 256 and everything is fine, so if he has only 192 he should still be more than good.

10th Jul 2002, 20:47
I think Red Mage is running C2 on a P2 500 mhz with 128megs ram and from what he tells me he's not having any problems at all, so I'm not sure why your having problem.

What resolution are you using and game details?

10th Jul 2002, 21:04
Well the minimum is 64 and 128 is the recommended ammount of RAM according to the c2 box, so it's probably not the thing causing it either.

10th Jul 2002, 21:07
But when I bought c1 I found out that the requirements didn't matter, my computer then was so slow.

[PAK]Krwawy Lew
10th Jul 2002, 21:17
Originally posted by 1shot1kill
Also i don't think XP will be the problem, i run it on an 800mhz with 512mb ram and 1 of my m8's runs it on a 700 with 256mb .

i agree with @m when he says it's XP's fault.
well...just by starting win XP you use up about 150 megs of ram, not included when running other things in the background or in the icon tray section.
then it comes to how win XP devides the memory between programs.
it may also be a little combo.....if he is using a crappy Graph card then that can be a great cause of the slowdown as well.
my advice......if you just play games on your comp and aren't that good with computers, Install Win 98 SE or win2k

<Edit> When i read ppl saying " i have a 800MHz with 512MB of Ram" i think........"but you are forgetting one more important thing".
if you have a fast comp with lots of ram but don't have a good graphics card then you're prolly out of luck when it comes to games.
it's like a person....with good heart (CPU), larg memory brain capacity(HD) , big muscles(RAM Mem) but really crappy eye sight(Graph Card), in other words very faulty.

if you don't have the whole package.....then boohoo :p

10th Jul 2002, 21:37
Ehm, you do not use 150 mb of ram when starting up XP, when i had just installed it with only my video and soundcard it would only use around 100 mb, this was even more with win 98 and win ME which i had before, win XP uses less memory than the 2 OS's i had before, as long as you don't turn all the nice flashing features and other annoying stuff.

15th Jul 2002, 15:51
For any game-
1. do a clean boot or restart
2. shut down all TSRs running (that's everything except systray and explorer which don't close anyhow.

Shutting down things after you've run several apps will not free up all the system resources to max.