View Full Version : Side Missions - Neon Lights - Golden Ticket Problems

28th Aug 2016, 21:56
These side missions break real easy, I am doing the neon lights and for some reason when I hired the Maid it never came to clean the apartment so i can get the rave keycard, I have waited for 1 hr and 30 mins and the maid still didn't show up.

There was another side quest called the golden ticket, I went into the store and head down the stairs to the basement to collect all the loot, when I did the quest the cop lady never showed up in the basement to further the side quest so I had to start over in my story, so now I don't mess with that store until after I talked to her. So now I save everything, before during and end quest just making sure if something goes wrong I can start it over. But the neon lights I didn't do anything wrong I went to the computer and hired the maid and looted the girl next to the bedside.

FYI, I love the game, It is awesome - but I am having issues with the side-quest there not well thought out on doing It correctly, their should be some sort of waypoint tracking or a little better understanding of the side-quest - I don't know about the continued story haven't made it that far.


30th Aug 2016, 23:44
I am currently doing that mission, and was stuck getting the keycard and so searched for "rave keycard" and that brought me to your thread. I didn't know you had to hire a maid to clean up the apartment, so I did that, and if you check your emails after that, it says "we know how to get in, we'll leave you a card etc, just go do whatever you need to do"...so just do another side mission, or go exploring etc. When you return, the apartment is cleaned and the keycard will be on the bed.