View Full Version : 12 Weapons in MD, There were 17 in HR....WHY!?!?

28th Aug 2016, 19:31
Why are there FEWER weapons in the sequel? And whats more they're more boring, not a single Directed Energy Weapon (No laser or Plasma), the Battle Rifle seems to take the place of the Heavy Rifle, but the Heavy Rifle was much cooler in both form and function, being more of a minigun. And many weapons had unique and/or interesting mods, like Flechette rounds, exploding rounds, Smart (homing if lock on achieved) rounds.

There is no Missile Launcher, no Crossbow (though the Nanoblade could be considered a replacement, but you cant put a scope on the Nanoblade).

What's with them not only cutting down on the number of weapons, number of TYPES of weapons, but also making the ones present less unique and interesting.

I have always strongly felt that a proper sequel should be equal to, or better than, the last iteration of the series in every manner, and while the increased number of Augmentations is nice, I don't see how that should come at the cost of weapon variety and uniqueness being significantly downgraded.

29th Aug 2016, 00:14
PEPs is just an augmentation now, and the new augs more than make up for the extraneous gun selection from HR. The stun dart aug alone is better than half the other weapons from either game.
Also, the weapons in HR didn't feel all that necessary. I beat the whole game with a max damage pistol, and only used more powerful guns on the bosses.

29th Aug 2016, 01:21
Because the developers don't care, as evidenced by the crashes, bugs, and microtransactions.

29th Aug 2016, 01:54
I think there are more than 12 guns in this. It seems like there were 2-3 of each weapon type (at least 2 assault rifles, a few different battle rifles etc).

Playing through the game, with everything that's included, I never found myself thinking "huh, you know what... this needs a crossbow!" I think its as Tinypenguininja said, the augs more than make up for any guns left out