View Full Version : The bugs I found so far (YouTube links)

28th Aug 2016, 18:59
Everything recorded on Ultra settings

Ghost Birds

I'm a Vampire!

This is so weird...

28th Aug 2016, 19:06
These are really minor bugs (entertaining though) that don't really break the game, and only affect the immersion a very little teeny weeny bit. They should really focus on the more game-breaking bugs for now.

28th Aug 2016, 19:09
I have yet to see any game breaking bugs. Well, the push B to discard all was a little bit annoying, but that was it. I'm only pointing those out because I love this game and would really like it to be spotless.

28th Aug 2016, 19:25
Cool. You should maybe also share these over at reddit. I'm sure they'll appreciate it too.

EDIT: There's a subreddit dedicated just for Deus Ex stuff. r/deusex

29th Aug 2016, 01:17
Jensen not reflected back is not a bug, it is how some developers opt for performance issues..
If you know anything about graphics, then you will understand it. Because if you see the reflection itself in that room aside from Jensen not being visible, you will notice that it does not match the room perfectly. This means that they are using a simple pre-made texture for reflection to optimize the performance of the game.