View Full Version : An incredibly minor suggestion regarding the Ingame MENUS (Inventory, Objectives etc)

28th Aug 2016, 18:59
I have a really minor suggestion that I hope you guys would implement that would make accessing the various menus a lot easier.

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, I could switch between the different menus (inventory menu, objectives menus, augmentation menu, map menu etc), while I am viewing/within one of the other menus, by just pressing their respective shortcut keys and I can also just come out of the menu and back into the game by just the pressing the shortcut key of the menu I am currently in, instead of reaching out with my pinky to press the 'ESC' key eg. If I press 'O' to bring up the Objective Menu I can then just press 'I' to switch to the Inventory Menu and if I want to come out of the menu and back to the game I just press 'I' again. This doesn't seem to have been implemented in Mankind Divided; I hope you guys will reimplement this minor feature as it makes browsing the different menus so much easier, instead of me having to click on the various menu icons on the top left and the reaching out to press 'ESC'.

Likewise I hope this will also be implemented with the Augmentation Wheel and the Weapons Wheel (default bound to 'V' and 'B') i.e. allow me to switch between them by just pressing their shortcut keys and closing the wheel by just pressing the shortcut key of the menu I am currently in, instead of pressing 'ESC' key.

Also it would be nice if I could come out of the Weapon Customization Screen (bound to 'Y') by just pressing 'Y' again, instead of 'ESC'.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: On a sidenote, I also hope you guys fix the bug related to players who saved their game while in cover and have enemies nearby. If they reload said savegame and press 'Space to Continue' the game also registers the 'Space' and the player comes out of cover and gets spotted by the AI.

28th Aug 2016, 19:51
Accidentally posted this here instead of the MD technical forum. How do I delete?