View Full Version : Bug in Palisade with account manager's office (minor spoilers!)

28th Aug 2016, 16:33
After talking to the receptionist and making an appointment with the account manager in the palisade bank (for me it was my second visit to prague, after returning from golem city), the guy's office remained locked. It looked like the female NPC was a little broken (walking to the locked door, walking to a corner, walking back to the door, etc) and I suspect there was supposed to be some scripted event where she leaves the room at the same time you make the appointment, opening the door for you, but she seems to have gotten stuck somehow.

Game is awesome so far btw :)

28th Aug 2016, 16:59
Same problem for me, although I don't see the relation with a woman since the account manager is a man. I knocked him out in a previous time in Prague (that might be related tho)