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9th Jul 2002, 13:19
I really like you sig Apocrypha Roxy, and the background on your nick was great as well. But damn thats a very nice sig.

Who else really likes a sig (thats not there own)?

Umah Bloodomen
9th Jul 2002, 17:45
Hmmm. I guess I can't tell you then because I have designed a lot of sigs in this forum...so technically that makes them "my own". :p

Oh well, I am going to tell you anyways. LOL

I am quite fond of Roxy's. (Both of them). (I didn't design this one)
Serpens (Because it is different) (A work of mine)
Mallingers (because it is animated )(Another work of mine).
Noob Saibot's (What can I say? It's Noob Saibot with a Reaver & it was the first one I put a reaver into the hands of a non-LOK character.)
Hunnie's (The picture is really poetic). (Helped with this one).
Serul's (Very cool indeed) (I had no part of this one)
Willows (Very cool photography and I am a bit biased. :p) (Not a work of mine either)

I do like them all but these are just my favorites.

9th Jul 2002, 19:01
I like Umah's new sig definatly, and the one with blincs computer made me laugh.


9th Jul 2002, 19:14
Originally posted by Umah Bloodomen
Serul's (Very cool indeed) (I had no part of this one)

Hey thanks! :)

Well there are a few sigs that I like,

· Willow's sig - because of the photography (like Umah said)

· Azuriel's sig - uhm... I helped him made that one ;). I liked the idea of using the bloodscript for his name.

· Umah's (previous) sigs - I kind of like the previous ones you made just a little more ;)

· Riovanes' sig - I like the drawing in it (made by Willow, right?)

And of course there are a few others, but uhm... these are the ones that I remember at the moment. :D

11th Jul 2002, 11:21
· Riovanes' sig - I like the drawing in it (made by Willow, right?)

Look for a new sig for Rio coming very very soon..... I've been very ill lately and I haven't had the energy to draw... I don't know how many of you realize this but when you're ill drawing is basically the hardest thing to do............ well for me it is anyway... I can't draw if I can't hold the pencil properly or see the paper... heh... but anyway... coming soon... yes...

p.s.- thanks for the compliments on my sig ;) that bridge is like 3 miles away from my house... took the pic on my way to work a while back. =F

I'm not going to comment on any sigs because I'm biased.

11th Jul 2002, 12:38
I see that Grey Mouser has neglected to include prohibitions against people referring to each other as "smooshums," "sweet potato pah," or other related descriptions in the new TOU. I think I'll need to get in touch with him about correcting that ASAP. Uh, not because I suspect anything right now, of course. It's simply the possibility of rogue nations acquiring this technology in the future that motivates me to act at this time, for the good of future generations.

11th Jul 2002, 12:58
i gotta say i love willow's sig very nice makes me wanna buy a digital cam.


11th Jul 2002, 13:17
Originally posted by blincoln
I see that Grey Mouser has neglected to include prohibitions against people referring to each other as "smooshums," "sweet potato pah," or other related descriptions in the new TOU. I think I'll need to get in touch with him about correcting that ASAP. Uh, not because I suspect anything right now, of course. It's simply the possibility of rogue nations acquiring this technology in the future that motivates me to act at this time, for the good of future generations.

ehh... what? *rubs eyes*

11th Jul 2002, 15:44
I'm just trying to launch a pre-emptive strike against possible excessive cuteness by certain unnamed parties.

11th Jul 2002, 16:00


*whispers* paranoid..

11th Jul 2002, 16:13
You're young, you haven't seen this as many times as I have. I know the signs!

11th Jul 2002, 16:17
what are the signs then, old man?


11th Jul 2002, 18:13
Oh you know - a butterfly flapping its wings in Taiwan, which changes air currents in Southern California, the pattern of static on the TV when it's tuned to an unused broadcast channel, Willow's goodbye post in the old forums...


Umah Bloodomen
11th Jul 2002, 19:41
It's okay "snookums", you won't get any cutesy words out of me sweetie. :p

11th Jul 2002, 20:01
I have no objections when it's directed at me of course =).

11th Jul 2002, 20:57
K-I-S-S-I-N-G :rollseyes:



I'm waiting for Willow to start postin poems on the forum, at first I thought he was talking about rio, I was like whut? Then I read the headings. I was like Thank God.... :o

Umah Bloodomen
11th Jul 2002, 21:14
:eek: I think that their personalities would clash too much to have a "healthy relationship". :p

11th Jul 2002, 22:17
what about mine?
does any body like it???

12th Jul 2002, 03:27
Haahaha, too funny Warp. "I found my true love photographing the Pillars of Rockford." =F

Umah Bloodomen
12th Jul 2002, 06:00
And you were upset because I was flirting with someone else... :rolleyes: I feel so unloved...

But I thought we had something special, Blinc. What about the Boots? Think of whats in their best interests here.

LOLOLOLOLOL. Aren't I in rare form again? :p

12th Jul 2002, 06:22
As far as sigs go, Rook's old one was spiffy, and I've always liked Azuriel's, cuz I've got a thing for runes...

Umah, every time you change that sig it gets better and better, although I have to admit my favorite one to this point involved Blinc's boots...

As for me and Willow having a relationship... Well... He WAS all mine until a certain lucky lady came along and stole his heart... *sighs* But I suppose it was for the best, as I think he was going to leave me anyway, seeing as I nagged him constantly for more of that incredible artwork of his.

On that subject, I really do hope you're feelin better, Willow. Rest, relax... And then FINISH MAH PIC, FOO!!!


Oh, and for those of you who don't know what sarcasm is, read that paragraph about me an' Willow, and you'll be swimming in it.


12th Jul 2002, 06:33
Yes, we'll always have the boots, Umah =).

Umah Bloodomen
12th Jul 2002, 06:41
Okay, I feel loved again...**sighs and dreams about the boots before turning her attention back to the lightsaber pics***

OOops...was I thinking aloud? :p

Apocrypha Roxy
12th Jul 2002, 20:46
Why thank you, Azazel! I'm very flattered! :o :D

I love doing work in Photoshop, my sig is just a little dwaddling with some different sources, tinker with it, and it's done. Of course, I couldn't have done it without Jeffers, Azuriel, and Umah, all whom I credit greatly.

If you'd like, I can make you a signature picture, but that talent lies in the hands of Deekman/Capt'n Skusting. Unless you prefer a very gothic look, he might have what you're looking for. But I'd be very happy to do it for you, if you choose to do so. I have nice sources, and this great site where you can create very nice texts, even download them (FlamingText.com (http://www.flamingtext.com)). New ones every day. Check 'em out.

Apocrypha Roxy
14th Jul 2002, 20:42
I hope it's to your liking. Looks cool, right? I'm going to move the address of it, so all pictures I make are organized. I'll let you know when it changes.

So, whatcha think? ;)


14th Jul 2002, 22:05
i like my sig but i'm starting to think thats it a bit plain.
what program do i need to make a nice one that most of you guys have


14th Jul 2002, 22:10
I made my new one in Macromedia Fireworks... you can download a handy, 30-day demo from their website. It's really pretty easy to use, and has some nifty effects.

However, I rather like your drawing. I hope that, if you do change your image, that you incorporate that somehow, it would be a shame to lose it... :D

Umah Bloodomen
15th Jul 2002, 00:54
I used to mainly use fireworks 4, but I've branched out and began to incorporate Photoshop 7 and Picture Publisher 8.

Apocrypha Roxy
15th Jul 2002, 01:28
I use Photoshop 4.0 LE at home, use 5.0 LE at school. Collect a few images, brainstorm, cut, copy, paste, doodle a bit, and bada-bing, you have a sig.

Azazel, did you see it yet? Tell me anything you want done with it, I can still fix it (I didn't flatten the image yet).

15th Jul 2002, 01:47
Photoshop 7 is out? Holy crapamoley.

Umah Bloodomen
15th Jul 2002, 03:22
You betcha!

Mighty fine program too I might add. :p

It helped with the transparency of my sig. I've had it for about two months now. I'm still getting used to it.

15th Jul 2002, 06:04
Very cool. Too bad I don't do graphic design at work anymore or I could try convincing them to get me a copy of 7 to replace the 6 I was using =).

Apocrypha Roxy
15th Jul 2002, 20:14
Oooh, I want 7! I'd love to see the new filters they put in! 5.0 has more filters than the one I've got!

Just think of the possibilities... :D

-faints and goes to Photoshop heaven, with pretty little pictures in Solarize, Mozaic Tiled, and Graphic Pen filters- :D

15th Jul 2002, 21:30
I've been having a lot of fun with the other possibilities. I learned a cool trick for balancing the light/dark for an entire picture:

1 - make a duplicate layer of the photo (which is on top of the original)
2 - Invert the colours of the duplicate layer
3 - Set the layer type to Soft Light
4 - Gaussian blur the layer with a value of 20-40

It's so cool!

Also, using the glow effect layer type for lightsabers is fun.

15th Jul 2002, 22:19
I use Paint Shop Pro.

It is a lot cheaper then the full version of Photo Shop, I think it is a hell of a lot easier to use then Photoshop.

But that is jsut my opinion.

Also, I think it can produce images nearly as good. :confused:


15th Jul 2002, 22:21
Originally posted by Jeffers
I think

oh my!!! run!! hide!! it thinks!!


couldn`t resist

16th Jul 2002, 00:59
It's not the paintbrush that makes an artist great. It's the artist.

16th Jul 2002, 01:23
Sometimes. I suck with a paintbrush, but if you give me a 3D modelling program I can do some pretty cool stuff. It's too bad Max is so expensive =).

16th Jul 2002, 01:29
gmax is free... and it does a hell of a lot, more even than I've been able to learn (haven't finished the tutorials yet)... it's supposed to be very similar to max. Check it out blinc!


16th Jul 2002, 02:48
Hey Blinc, I'm not good with a paint brush either, but if ya hand me my pencil, I'm good. I need a tablet. That's what I need. *goes off to plot ways of making some quick money* :D

16th Jul 2002, 06:23
Hey, wow, thanks for the tip on gmax, d_s =).

Ranmyaku: I'm pretty terrible with any physical media. I can make abstract stuff, but the only way I can make anything realistic-looking is with a 3D modeller. I'm a little rusty, but I used to have a lot of fun with Truespace.

16th Jul 2002, 07:18
Yeah, that's really something, isn't it? I stalled out on the making a robot tutorial (Dreamweaver occupies my attention at the moment), but I was astonished that this program was free, and could do so much... This is what I was talking about when I siad this would be a great way to do characters, objects, areas, and cinematics for the Blood Omen remake - if only we had an engine to put them into...

Hey, when you make something, I'd like to see it, if I may! :D

16th Jul 2002, 07:55
Blincoln & Darien, might I suggest that you install the following plugin tools. Although it says that they are for MAX 4.2, they work perfectly fine with GMAX.

MESHTOOLS - http://www.s21net.com/meshtools/

POLYTOOLS - http://www.3dluvr.com/subagio/cspolytools.html

These tools will speed up the modeling process a lot. :)

And if you have any questions about (G)MAX, feel free to ask me.

16th Jul 2002, 07:57
Thanks Serul! I think it was your recommendation somewhere that led me to gMax in the first place, so thanks for that too. I will quite likely take you up on that help offer at some point in the future... :D

16th Jul 2002, 12:28
Sorry that I didnt respond sooner, thats a real nice sig, and if I ever decide to use one that would be a great start. Can you mail it to me roxy?

I really do think you sigs works very well.

I think computer art is a much different skill than the more conventional practical arts. It requires a different sense of vision, and a great deal of knowledge about how a computer works with color.

There is a lot top sigs on these boards guys, keep em comin

Apocrypha Roxy
17th Jul 2002, 01:11
Any time, Azazel... :)

Actually, I think using a computer for graphic arts, while needing some knowledge of how it works, is easier than conventional artwork - THAT is real talent, formed and sculpted and traced by hands. A computer has an 'undo' feature, real life does not - which makes it all the more special.

I wish I could draw, or paint. I have such cool ideas on characters and figures/outfits/expressions, but I can't do diddly-squat with a pencil other than write stories.

I'm going to try out this 'GMAX' and other plugins you've mentioned. If they prove worthwhile (which they will, if I'm patient enough), I can probably whip up a few things. ;)

17th Jul 2002, 02:08
Well I've been in the arts for my entire life... But I've only been doing graphic work for the past 5 yrs or so.
It still takes a creative person for either field though.
Art is merely how you view things... a good way of looking at it is a person who can draw a little more thoroughly than another has just been looking longer... they've looked long enough so they view things a little differently. It's all a matter of how you view a line... as art is just a bunch of shapes and lines... just keep looking at it'll come together.

17th Jul 2002, 02:43
Speaking of great sigs... chuffy that new one is great! Way to put to the two together!

17th Jul 2002, 06:35
Hehe, I wish, Willow. It's easy for me to see things as their component shapes, which is why I can model them in 3D. I tried for, um, four years off and on to be able to make realistic pictures using media like pencil, charcoal, paint, etc (I took two art courses my last year in high school, then two more at community college, and then another at university). It's just not something I can do. It's like asking my aunt (who is tone deaf) to write music.

17th Jul 2002, 08:59
Just keep looking... the more you look the more you realize how easy it can be.... I mean... thinking it from that point of view anyway..... you see someone's face... their cheekbone is curved a certain way... just draw that curve you see......
If you keep it up, you can one day draw brilliant pictures like this:
Okay... you may praise me now...

17th Jul 2002, 09:27
Is that supposed to be Brie from Rio's story. :D

Anyway, usually when I begin with a 3D model I make a few concept sketches first as a guideline. Sometimes I just start with the 3D model immediatly though.

17th Jul 2002, 09:34
Heh yeah, I told him that I did a new sketch for him........ so I emailed him that one...... I lead him to believe that I didn't do a real one after he got the email...... I also uploaded the real image on a site so when he was done having his fit I just IM'd him the link... here's the real image I did for him ;)

17th Jul 2002, 10:24
Obi-Wan once thought as you do, Willow. You don't know the power of lacking innate skills with physical media.

17th Jul 2002, 14:10
Originally posted by darien_specter
Speaking of great sigs... chuffy that new one is great! Way to put to the two together!

thanks mate.... you make me fill all warm and giddy inside.


17th Jul 2002, 17:12
Originally posted by Azuriel

oh my!!! run!! hide!! it thinks!!


couldn`t resist

I used up my thinking quota for the next ten thousand years.

So don't expect me to think anymore!

Now then I think I might have some tea now! :D