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28th Aug 2016, 07:10
I'm not sure if this is the proper place to be posting or if anyone is at all interested in knowing about this possible bug, but I'll just continue on anyway and attempt to explain it as best as possible.

The quick run down of this bug is that a interactive NPC is spawned out side the back side of Jensen's apartment, near where you meet the document forger. This NPC has a fluctuating name of both Helle and Eliza Cassan with the outfit that she appears in when you first plug in the data disk in your apartment.

If you interact with her you are brought instantly back into the dialogue tree that plays when you first plug in the data disk. Everything continues as normal until the last section when she warns you of the oncoming intruders, they do not spawn again.

I have not left the area via metro, reloaded my game, or continued any further with the story to see if she leaves I just wanted to make this post so that if anyone want to take a look into this matter they can. If anyone has an other questions. I'd be happy to answer them, thanks.

28th Aug 2016, 07:15
Here are some images

11th Sep 2016, 08:03
I've encountered the same thing, except for me the intruders did spawn again (but I'd only stunned them first time round).

11th Sep 2016, 17:43
My guess is that you are never supposed to encounter her NPC. It seems that the engine uses realtime 3D characters with a camera which is viewed on your TV. It seems Eidos has placed her NPC in a location you can access. You would think she would be placed below the ground plane to avoid this situation. Or, a bug placed her on the ground plane.