View Full Version : Any workaround for the subway crash bug?

28th Aug 2016, 06:58
SE says they've found a fix


but it's not being hotfixed or anyhting and will go in with a regular patch early next week? Are we just blocked from playing this game anymore until that patch comes out?

Can you at least confirm the repro steps so I can potentially go back to an earlier save to avoid it.

28th Aug 2016, 08:13
As far as I'm aware, if you're unfortunate enough to encounter the bug, there is no way to avoid it, regardless of what point you reload from. You cannot progress beyond that point in the game until the patch is released.

If I'm wrong, I'd love to be corrected, but after trying multiple reloads myself I'm fairly certain I'm correct.

28th Aug 2016, 08:29
It's to do with sequence of quests. People have posted certain steps that they were able to demonstrate worked around it for them, but it would be nice to know the exact thing that breaks it so I can do the minimal replay

28th Aug 2016, 08:30
There MUST be something???? It's sunday, I finally have time I want to play it.
Even an unnofficial patch?

28th Aug 2016, 10:09
I'm sorry but there's nothing
I wasted my whole yesterday trying to bypass via every way possible starting with game setting and ending on going back further and further on my savegames. I'm stuck at the exact place where you and many others. There's no bypass unless you re-start the game and do missions differently ... the best part is no one knows the right way of doing these missions anyway so even that might not help. If we are lucky we'll get the patch on Monday if not... fk knows when.

Until then though, sit tight... there's nothing you can do.

28th Aug 2016, 13:11
Not even with some kind of cheats or I don't know? A beta patch? Any ******** thing?
I know they fixed it but I don't want to wait until tomorrow because I simply won't have time to play.

28th Aug 2016, 16:14
There is definitely a way, consider this post at the end of the thread on steam:

Okay, so I tried ordering missions differently and ended up resolving the game crash, but it involves having a save before/ during K mission:
Original order (crash) :
k breakout -> talk to williams -> talk to sarif @ home -> sm11 go see doctor (Crash)
k breakout -> talk to williams -> talk to sarif @ home -> Ignore sm11 (Crash)

k breakout -> talk to williams -> do davli stuff in same area -> talk to cyborg lady @ home -> talk to sarif @ home -> sm11 -> talk to doctor -> finish sm11 -> back in area with next mission (No Crash)

hope this helps.


28th Aug 2016, 16:15

I had completed both SM11 and SM12 before starting M14. When I got to the point of the mission where you had to go to Jensen's apartment I would always crash. Luckily I had a save game at the point you return to Prague from Switzerland. Reverting to that save and completing the missions in this order fixed it for me.

1. Complete M14 first
2. While you're still in Jensen's apartment, complete SM03 by talking to Sarif on Jensen's TV
3. As you're leaving the apartment building start SM11 by searching Daria's apartment. Make sure to check her computer to get an optional objective. Don't do anything else in this quest for now.
4. Go down to the sewers and start SM12.
5. Travel to northern Prague to complete SM12 and the optional SM11 objective.
6. Travel back to southern Prague to complete SM11.
7. You should now be able to take the metro back to northern Prague and start the final mission.

Hopefully this helps.

28th Aug 2016, 18:07
Confirmed, I reloaded to my Switzerland save and followed the steps in that last post and I was able to proceed.