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9th Jul 2002, 12:35

Gamespy has a new article up on Hitman 2.

9th Jul 2002, 15:46
I'm now very ready for the game to come out.


10th Jul 2002, 04:35
That's it. I'm getting a new computer before the end of summer. For sure, for sure, for sure.

10th Jul 2002, 06:01
Then cancel your Geforce 2 order now!

10th Jul 2002, 11:50
Originally posted by Saba
That's it. I'm getting a new computer before the end of summer. For sure, for sure, for sure. Me too. I just upped my timetable. Plus, my current box is now in that "you've downloaded, installed, uninstalled, and deleted enough crap over the past 2 years that something's conflicting with something else and making things go occasionally fruity" stage of the game. I always seem to arrive at that point at the 2-year mark of a computer.

Thief is now kicking automatically to desktop, Hit1 runs kinda funky, I am getting a REALLY weird memory leak whenever I run certain MP3s, I think I picked up some weird Trojan (all evidence to the contrary), and I'm tired of my blah processor.

Hit2 sounds like as good an excuse as any!

Thanks for the link, ICE.

10th Jul 2002, 14:49
Originally posted by ICEBreaker
Then cancel your Geforce 2 order now!

Trust me, I've tried to! This morning, I did get an e-mail reply after bombarding uBid.com, almost spamming them, with help messages. They say it will take 7-10 days to review my request. Yeah, yeah, whatever. I've been smacking my own head with disgust over the immense stupidity I've exhibited in even going to an auction website, of all places to buy a graphics card. And I still can't believe I bought a "Legend" GeForce2 instead of a VisionTek Xtasy, or some other variation of the GeForce2 that comes from a half-way decent company. Still then, if, no, I mean WHEN I buy a computer, it'll most definitely be rigged with a GeForce4, or the new GeForce to be introduced this year STL is all excited about.

Not a "Legend" GeForce2!


When I get my new computer, which I'll either build or buy, whichever is cheaper, I'm thinking of a 2.0 GHz Pentium, 256 or more MB of DDR ram, a VisionTek or equivalent GeForce4, 20 GB hard drive, DVD/CD/CDRW drive, ethernet to hook up my DSL modem to, 3 TO 4 AGP PORTS FOR FUTURE GRAPHICS CARD UPDATES, and of course everything else not really worth mentioning here.

Among the things I'm doing to earn money for a new computer:

1. Buying and reselling textbooks at the old community college I used to attend, Irvine Valley College. At about 10 dollars profit per book, if I sell about 40, I can buy a computer! Woohoo!

2. Picking up pennies.

3. Not buying games like GTA 3 that I won't be able to really play until I get a new comp. I'm currently playing Hitman and Deus Ex again. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, I'm also playing Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed. It seems like the only game that looks at least respectable on my computer.

4. Cutting my candy addiction. Instead, I tend to feed out of Dr. Arquilla's 100 mL beaker full o' candy.

10th Jul 2002, 16:26
Do you really need that many AGP slots? If you don't intend to use more than one monitor, then you really don't need more than 2 AGP slots. On the other hand if you are going to have different applications displayed on different monitors, then you could do with 2 or more slots. By the way don't buy another card until the NV30 is out. The prices for the rest will drop significantly then.

10th Jul 2002, 20:03
I was kidding about the slots... If I were to update my graphics card, I only need to pull the old one out of the AGP slot and put in a new one, right? Or will I have to use an entirely new slot?

Thanks for the tip on the NV30, by the way. It's coming out this year, right? If so, do you think a GeForce4 will be able to run all the games for 2-3 years to come, since a NV30 would probably double the price tag on my computer?

[PAK]Krwawy Lew
10th Jul 2002, 21:00
i don't want to sound like a smartass, but why not buy an AMD thunderbird?
cheaper and faster then a pentium.
and what kind of a G4?
is it an MX a Ti or Pro?
it all depends actually.....doesn't really much matter from what company.
is the G4 a 32, 64 or a 128 bit? <Edit> silly me...i mean Meg not bit <Edit>
etc. etc. all these things matter when you buy a graph card, so don't do what i did when i first bought my graph card (i looked at who made it and the stupid name of the card( 3dfx))

these are just my tips

10th Jul 2002, 21:44
Yeah, I've considered an AMD Athlon too, but the ongoing debate over AMD vs Pentium seems unresolved at this point, so I'm really broken between the two. For now I think I'll stick with the Pentium, but it really depends on how cheap the package will end up being. From what I'm told, the Athlon is better with games than the Pentium, so that'll be something I'll look at as well.

About the GeForce4, I'll probably get a Ti 4600, 128 MB of DDR memory or a Ti 4200 128/64 MB of DDR/SDR, respectively, depending on the prices by the end of this summer of course. I will probably buy or build a computer and wait till the NV30 is released before I buy a real graphics card for it, like ICEBreaker suggested.

11th Jul 2002, 03:56
Usually one only needs 1 AGP slot. However there are two reasons why one might want more. Different graphics card are optimised for different purposes, so a high end user might want different cards to run different applications. Also as I mentioned before, one might want different applications to run on different monitors. While some graphics cards can do this, it does mean halfing its processing power. Yeah a GeForce 4 Ti 4600 would be good enough for games for the next 2 - 3 years. By the way you might want to increase your RAM to 512 once you get into the Pentium 4 series, although I am not too sure about the performance curve from 256MB to 512MB for the Pentium 4.

11th Jul 2002, 05:19
Alright, ICE. One last thing, can I pull out the ram I put in my computer and hook it up on my new one? It'll be a real waste when I set my computer on fire this New Year's Day.

(Just kidding)

11th Jul 2002, 07:36
Yes you can as long as they are the same types, which they would be anyway since you bought them recently.

[PAK]Krwawy Lew
11th Jul 2002, 12:00
well......AMD is and was the cheaper and more suitable choise for the gamer.
i my self have seen the diffirence between Pentium and AMD.
an AMD is ****load faster and cheaper, but a Pentium is more stable and has a better (heatsink?).
For i.e.
A Pentium can go without a fan for a couple of minutes before damage is done while an AMD Needs constant cooling or it will burn up (litterly melt on your motherboard).

So if you buy an AMD then buy a VERY good fan as well........
If you Buy an Amd 1,2Ghz then buy a fan that can handle 1,6Ghz
i have an AMD 800Mhz Duron and bought a fan that could handle 800MHz, when i later was going to replace my CPU with a new one i saw that the sucker had a nice burn ontop where the little AMD text used to be.

When It Comes to Ram mem then you can put it in onto the motherboard as long as it supports that kind of Ram memory.
so unless the motherboard you have now supports DDR mem then it's no problem bashing the mem in :D
But if it only supports SDRAM then no good :(
and then i'm not sure....but if it's the RIMM mem type then only pentium motherboards support that type of ram.
so just go with the conventional <Edit>DIMM(i mix SIMM AND DIMM UP:confused: ) <Edit> :D

i hope i'm not just babbling a lot now, and i really hope that this helps.

PS. building your own comp is cheaper and YOU get what YOU want :D

12th Jul 2002, 20:56
Ok, it'll be a 2 GHz AMD, maybe Pentium, but still probably and AMD, 20-40 GB HD, 256 MB DDR, and a GeForce 4, of course. Now I need to start collecting funds.

13th Jul 2002, 05:20
The single advantage of the AMD is its price.

13th Jul 2002, 17:26
And that's a huge advantage. But you've also got to consider, the AMD was faster than the Pentium in all gaming benchmarks except for Quake III.

14th Jul 2002, 11:08
I don't think AMD do a 2ghz chip yet. They're all about 1.6, 1.7. They go faster than Intel 2ghz P4s though and they're named as such (athlon XP 2100+ for example).
I was all worried about the temperature thing at first. But I figured they can't possibly sell as widely as they do without being able to cool their own chips, so I got the default AMD fan bundle. No problems at all. This is in an old case with only one power supply fan as well. It all depends on what other stuff you've got in there and if you're doing any overclocking. Current boards from most vendors also read the CPU's temperture sensor and will shut off before any damage is done anyway.

16th Jul 2002, 02:37
No, I don't believe they do have a chip faster than 1.8 GHz right now. Hopefully they will by the end of summer.

I'm not worrying that much about overheating, either, if what you say is true. I might get a fast just a bit over the recommended one just in case. If I plan to stuff a hard drive, zip drive, CD-RW/DVD/ROM, and a Geforce 4, among other things, into my computer's case, that might cause some problems.