View Full Version : How do I get acces to the content given from the pre-order?

28th Aug 2016, 00:35
Deus ex:Mankind Divided

Hey guys, I'm new on this forum and also to the game(played for only 20 minutes, jus to see how it was). I bought it with the pre-order and it included stuff like the digital soundtrack and artbook. I went all over the menus but I can't find where to "watch" them... could you please help me find out?

28th Aug 2016, 13:25
If you're on console:
You should have a code to register your game at Square Enix website. It's there after registering.

On Steam:
Right-click on the game in steam
Local files
Browse local files
It's in "Extras"

FYI in steam it's almost always handled this way

28th Aug 2016, 14:46
Oh, thanks a lot! Yeah it's the first time i buy extra content on steam
Also, do you know how di I get the other stuff from the pre-order? Like the outfits and the gear. I went all over the menus but I can't find the "storage" section

28th Aug 2016, 17:02
The items are in your storage, which can be accessed from your inventory with the button on the left, as on this screencap: https://i.imgur.com/aISTmGI.jpg
The outfits are in the pause menu, there should be an "outfits" button along the others (I'm French so I don't know exactly how it's named in the English version)

28th Aug 2016, 18:32
So I pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition or what ever it's called the one with season pass and all the extras on xbone.
I've gone to the storage section got my guns and praxis kits, bit I only have 2 praxis kits 2000 credits and what ever other stuff I can't remember. Now I thought it's was 4 praxis kits and 5000 credits.

28th Aug 2016, 19:54
Well I looked in the inventory but I don't see any "storage" option and I can't change outfits :/
On the steam page of the game I can see that the DLCs are present and installed tho, any ideas on how could I solve this?

28th Aug 2016, 20:30
I've recently purchased Dues credits and skill points from the shop but I have not find anything in game what so ever. It has been 3 days already. Anybody know what's going on?

28th Aug 2016, 21:03
I have the same problem, would appreciate if someone from SE would look into this.

28th Aug 2016, 21:39
Did you check the storage?

28th Aug 2016, 21:40
You mean you don't have the button I show in red in my capture?