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27th Aug 2016, 23:18
The thread's title first words that came out of my mouth when I received the "You have unlocked X difficulty" message on my screen. I was really stoked for this game to come out and I pre-ordered it over a month in advance. As the game set up many plot points and mysteries, like Jensen's time in Alaska, I expected it to visit them and clarify them. As I completed the side quests like The Glitch I expected them to have more relevance to the plot. Upon the conclusion of the game I felt as if this was only half of the game. I am very disappointed. Nothing feels resolved.

Addendum: I am not saying that the game was bad. I enjoyed the game while I was playing it, I really did, but that's why its abrupt ending left me disappointed. A great number of plot elements and interesting places (like Golem City) go under-used or not used at all. I don't regret buying the game. Its content just did not reach my expectations.

28th Aug 2016, 15:24
I feel the same way. I literally /just/ beat the game and got the ideal ending. However, the ending is terribly open as I've a LOT of questions about the story and how it progresses, even though it abruptly stops like that.

Halfway through the game you learn about things that leave questions, such as your augments, MEGAN REED, PRITCHARD, JANUS, PSYCHIATRIST, your coma and the other MAIN terrorist characters (Ivan Berk; Yellowhood guy. The person they advertised in every single trailer and nearly showing him as much of a spotlight time as Adam Jensen, yet he wasn't even in the game aside of that 1.5 second where he walks past you at the train station in Prague and there was some comment made that the enemy would be right infront of you at that time).

I still enjoyed this more than HR, but in a way, it felt like I only played a game that was still in development story-wise rather than giving ANY Sort of conclusion. I mean, this could've been HR on its own rather than a sequel. In a sense that if we were given a new protagonist in Mankind Divided, instead of Adam, it still would make sense. -- Right now we're still speculating things about Adam's past and his past associates, as if it's his first time of story-telling about him again.

I cannot believe that the TWO DLC will be giving us a conclusion and answer most of our questions. It felt like we only played/progressed through 50% of the story, those other two DLCs will never be 30 ~ 60 + more hours of story-telling and gameplay to give a proper ending.

4th Sep 2016, 23:01
I couldn't agree more. I think "disappointed" is probably the best word to describe my feeling upon completion of the game. I really loved Human Revolution, and I was expecting something of the same caliber.

It's obvious they are setting it up for a sequel, as Xerevantes said, two DLC additions can't possibly wrap up the story. But I think there's a difference between setting something up for a sequel and simply not finishing. It was cut short and underdeveloped, plot-wise.

I see the enormous dedication the developers have to this franchise, and I think they did a stellar job with Human Revolution. But I'm worried it will go the route of Assassin's Creed. I'd hate to see this milked to death.

And maybe that's why it was so frustrating when I finished the game, because I really did enjoy so much of it. I wanted to like it as much as I liked Human Revolution.

5th Sep 2016, 10:24
Halfway through the game you learn about things that leave questions, such as your augments, MEGAN REED, PRITCHARD, JANUS, PSYCHIATRIST, your coma and the other MAIN terrorist characters (Ivan Berk; Yellowhood guy.
I read Black Light and novella before starting the game so I didn't have most of these issues. Plus I played Deus Ex: The Fail.
Megan: No questions there we know where she works.
Pritchard: Current where abouts unknown but was with Adam in Detroit before Prague.
Janus: ok still unknown but he is mentioned or "appears" many times. My quess is that he is some AI.
Psychiatrist: One of the major players in Black Light. Known name from original Deus Ex.
Augs: Still a question but Black Light begins when Adam wakes up in Alaska.

But yeah I can understand dissapointment if you didn't read Black Light especially.
You had same thing in Human Revolution where you know basically nothing about Tyrants (bosses) if you hadn't read Icarus Effect.
And they said they weren't going to do same mistake this time :S

There is also "rumour" going that dev team was split into two and other team has been working on a sequel since last year. That was pretty much confirmed.
What wasn't confirmed is that game was originally supposed to be much longer but Square wanted a trilogy.
That said even if game feels bit short on scope it was still twice as long as original Deus Ex which feels really epic long if you think of all the locations it had.

5th Sep 2016, 14:58
Yeah the game feels like a half game and not finnished and also they recycled Praque too much instead of making new Areas like in Deus Ex 1.

This game should have needed 2 more Town's like Praque and 2 more Boss Battles. Also the only boss battle at the end was lame because you only needed 1 EMP Grenade and have an ingame timer to save People, so you don't want to fight long or hacking stuff.

6th Sep 2016, 08:30
I think recycling Praque is a good thing. I wish other games would use cities as much.
Would I have liked to have several cities that would have been recycled as much? Sure but story takes you where it takes you.

I tried EMP on the boss but it only seemed to stop him for a sec so I scrapped that idea and kept fleeing :D Didn't know anything about timer. Wondered why other buildings didn't explode when I chose to save delegates.

6th Sep 2016, 09:46
I don't like Recycling since the changes from Devil May Cry 3 to Devil May Cry 4. ^^ There is a secret timer, i think you have 10 Minutes or so to defeat Marchenko and save the delegates. First playtrough i failed to save the delegates because the Boss Battle took too Long and i missed the secret button to get fast to the delegates. ^^ So instead of hide and hacking Marchenko's robots, turrets and drones i only use 1 EMP Grenade and then took him down with one single Punch. ^^

7th Sep 2016, 08:13
I went first to delegates and I swear that took me at least 20 minutes. Didn't hurry at all and hacked all the doors and looked inside every cranny. Then went to Marchenko.
I though it was weird that I had to choose either or and nothing bad happened. Maybe it bugged somehow on my part?

8th Sep 2016, 14:23
Like everybody else, I feel the same way. I did hear about the abrupt ending the week before the game came out, but nothing prepared me for what actually happened. It was as if the devs cut content out. It looked the the scene was longer at the game's end, but it just stopped. I know there's DLC, but holy hell, if they pulled a Destiny on us it'll be a bad situation around here. I loved my first play-through of the game, especially the side missions. I couldn't stop playing it until I beat it last night, but that ending, damn...

18th Sep 2016, 03:03
It wasn't just the ending for me, but the entire game had this... stale feeling. I mean, it was still a good game, but if Human Revolution was a 10/10 game, this one hits around 7/10. There was just so many gripes that disappointed me:

No Head Bobbing
Weak Story Plot
Dragged out dialogue
Glitches with cover system at times
One time use DLC
Only one boss fight

In the previous game I was hooked from the beginning, the story sucked me and I was immediately connected with the characters and plot. The previous game also just had this perfect balance of stealth/conversations/boss fights. I was very dependent on stealth, but I had to be mindful for those moments when I would need to combat a boss. Everything felt more purposeful, and with this game I felt like I was just going through the notions.

21st Sep 2016, 22:27
I didn't care for how the game ended. I really wasn't sure it did end, until the credits that I could NOT get out of, started rolling. Really people, fixing the credits so you have to watch all the way through? That's weak.

Seemed to me they were setting up a follow on.