View Full Version : Adam's Apartment ''Secret'' Button

27th Aug 2016, 21:20
So I have noticed since before I got to Golem City (when I unlocked my vision ability) that there's a button behind the wall right next to the TV screen, yet I can't find a way to 'use' it or open the wall. (Tried using the computer, but that only opens the 'secret stash')

This started to bother me eventually cause I checked out the entire apartment. Now I returned to Prague for the third time (story-wise) ((The button was still there)). I was doing the side mission of the alley murder where I had to check up on my neighbour, which continued said mission. I thought it was a good idea to do the other side mission where I had to call up Sarif again, but when I entered my apartment, I noticed that the button dissapeared.

((I returned to the apartment BEFORE those two side missions triggered, it was to install the neural thing to avoid the overheating of abilities and during that time I checked my apartment and it was still there.))

WTH is that button used for and why would it dissapear?

31st Aug 2016, 07:00
This has been annoying me for a while. I first noticed it when I returned home to see my place trashed after helping 'Helle'. I never saw it before and I've been scaling the rafters, jumping out windows, skimming along every surface to try and figure out how to get to it. It definitely has the shape of a button. Any luck yet?

13th Dec 2016, 18:55
I don't know how many people actually found this secret button already but it bothers me quite a bit since I found it and can't find any info on the internet about it... maybe a dev could en-light us about it at least if this button was intended to be found or not ?

26th Dec 2016, 02:16
Yeah, I saw this thing, couldn't press it for the sake of my life. Eventually it went away.